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Simple machines

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Transcript of Simple machines

I forgot all about this space Obstacle 1 Wheels and axles Wedges Introduction Wheels and axles consists of a large wheel fixed to a smaller wheel or shaft(the axle)
They turn together sometimes in different directions
The effort is usually applied to the larger wheel
A small effort applied on the large wheel provides greater resistance on the axle Simple machines The Lever Something should go here How do simple machines work? A simple machine is any tool that makes it easier to do work (joules)
Some machines like airplanes are very complicated those are not simple machines

Simple machines usually have only one or moving two parts
These machines are useful because they let us do allot of work easily without as much muscle power What types of simple machines are their? Levers
Wheels and Axles
Inclined Planes
Wedge Every day simple machines Baseball Bat
See Saw
Slide Understanding the lever First class levers The fulcrum is between the load and the effort
The effort and resistance move in opposite directions or, seesaw
Scale is a fist class
lever Second class levers The resistance is between the effort and the fulcrum
This kind of lever provides a gain of force Third class levers For the third class the effort is between the fulcrum and the resistance
Takes quite a bit of force ,but gains in speed and distance By Senan .K The Pulley Wheel
Door nob

Ferris wheel
Etc. Understanding the Pulley How levers help you in life A pulley = a wheel with a grove
Grove allows a cable or rope to ride on
the wheel

Fixed pulleys are attached to one place
Movable pulleys move along with the rope Examples of pulleys Flag poles
Pulleys themselves
Flagpoles What are pulleys used for? Fixed pulleys can move a load up down or sideways
It can change the direction of the force
Movable pulleys increase distance but decrease the effort needed Understanding the wedge Compound pulley A moving inclined plane
Has a sloping part that becomes sharp
Wedges change the direction of force
The output is bigger then the input
Sharper and narrower makes less force Sharp Ways to use the wedge To chop wood
Wedges split things
Can chop of heads Examples of wedges Sword
chisel Under standing the screw A inclined plane wrapped around a rod
Changes the direction of the force you put in
Changes the amount of force you put in
Out put bigger then the input Seconding the screw If the screw threads are closer less work to be done

It takes more energy though Examples of the screw Bolts
Bottle caps
Fan blades The Screw The inclined plane Under standing the inclined plane A flat surface with one high end
The only simple machine not to move
Longer the ramp the less force needed What do use a inclined plane for? To raise heavy objects
It helps distribute force
Makes life easier Under standing a simple machine Wheel barrow
Fishing Rod
Drill Levers do work by turning around or pivoting a fixed point the fulcrum
The closer the resistance is to the fulcrum makes less effort needed to move the load

Each class has different positions of the fulcrum,the load,the resistance and the fulcrum Levers can be fun like, seesaws are fun!
Levers are you body like an arm or leg

Levers are your mouth so you can chew
Levers are sporty like a base ball bat You found the treasure Any questions? Under standing the wheel
and axle Under standing the wheel and axle
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