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Barnard's Life

A prezi on the life of Kathryn Barnard

ma. donna chavenia

on 7 September 2012

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Transcript of Barnard's Life

Kathryn E. Barnard 1938-1960 1995 1981- 1961- developed the Nursing Child Assessment Satellite Training (NCAST) Born on April 16, 1938 in Omaha, Nebraska 1956- Enrolled in Pre-nursing program at University of Nebraska Completed her BSN degree in June 1960 Upon graduation, she accepted an acting head nurse position and became an assistant instructor in pediatric nursing Kathryn's Early Life In 1965 she became an instructor in maternal and child nursing at the University of Washington and she was named as assistant professor She began coordinating training projects for nurses in child development and the care of children with mental retardation & handicaps Barnard became the project director for a research study to develop a method for nursing child assessment Since 1985 - served as adjunct professor of psychology at University of Washington
1985 to 1992 - Associate Dean for Academic affairs for the school of Nursing WORKS Member of the American Nurses Association, she was the executive committee for the Division of Maternal & Child Health Nursing. Also an Active Member of nine other national organizations AWARDS Lucille Perry Leone Award by the National League for Nursing Maternal and Child Health Nurse of The Year. Nurse Scientist of the Year Recipient of the Cameo Award from sigma Theta Tau. Organizations Barnard used findings
of many researchers, such as Brazelton, Ainsworthand Bell in the evolution of her model - Parent-Child Interaction & Adaptation Barnard Continue to Study the mother and infant relationship, examining the nurses role in relation to high-risk mothers and infants that led to the formulation of NCAP which served as the basis for Barnard's " Child Health Assessment Interaction Theory 1961- Kathryn move to Boston Massachusetts, where she enrolled her master's Program at University of Boston In 1971 - she earned a Ph.D. in ecology of early childhood development from the University of Washington she has published articles in both nursing and non-nursing journals 1980 Barnard refers to the Neal Nursing Construct and credits Florence Blake for the beliefs and values making up the foudation of current nursing practice Barnard and colleagues state that they were influenced by child development theorist such as Piaget, Brunner & Sander, and general system's theory in addition to nursing theorist Theoretical Sources Empirical sources Parent and Child Interaction Model
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