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No description

Brooke Kassner

on 3 May 2010

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Transcript of Namibia

Double click anywhere & add an idea Republic of Namibia
Capital- Windhoek
Total Area: 825,418 km2
Gdp (PC): $6,611
Republic Government
Calling Code: +264
Density: 234/239 The Land... Land=85% Water= 15%
Half the size of Alaska
Borders: Angola, Botswana,
South Africa, & Zambia

Hot, dry, sporadic rain definition of Africa
Droughts, limited fresh water, poaching, desertification

Interesting... 1st county in world to put protection of environment in constitution! HISTORY: Lifestyle.. Population: 2,108,665 Infant mortality- 68.44/1000 4.89 vs. 2.81 children 22.5% with aids Christian: 80%
Indigenous: 20% English= Official (less than 7%)
German: 32%
Oshiwambo: 48%
Afrikaans: 11% (whites=60%) LIteracy: 84% 85.5% Black
6% White
6.5% Mixed
2% Asiatic 1488: Portugese Explore
1890: Germans establish present international boundaries
1904: German massacre
1915: South Africa takes over
1946: UN will not let SA annex South West Africa
1958: Opposition towards Ovamboland People's Congress 1961: UN demands SA to terminate mandate
1966: Swapo struggles with SA
1968: Namibia receives name
1989: UN Supervised elections
1990: INDEPENDENCE! Sam Nujoma
(office four 4 terms until 2004) - steps down!
1999: Emergency declared in Caprivi 2002: PM Theo-Ben Gurirab and land reform
2003: Will not allow illegal land occupations
2004: Germany admits to genocide killings
2009: Swapo re-elected "I wipe out rebellious tribes with streams of blood and streams of money. Only following the cleansing can something new emerge" Lothar Von Trotha German troops drove the Herero warriors where they were attacked on 3 sides.

Fourth side offerred escape- but into being killed in the Kalahari Desert October 2, 1904: Trotha ordered extermination
No prisoners, all to be shot

Slow death enacted: starvation, thirst, and disease

Rounded up and banned from land and sent into labor camps - overworked and diseases

1907: Trotha's orders cancelled; too late for the Hereror only 15,000/80,000 remained

Women used as sex slaves "I find it appropriate that the nation perishes instead of infecting soldiers"

Nama followed suit by rebelling, but Trotha routed them (10,000/19,000 killed)
CURRENT RULING... Executive, Legislative, Judiciary

President (head): Hifikepunye Pohamba, 2004 (Swapo)

Cabinet: Prime Minister (Nahas Angula), President, Deputy
Prime Minister, and Ministers Economy! GDP: $9.039 Billion
Growth Rate: .7%
Agriculture: 9.2%; industry: 34.8%, services: 56%
Unemployment: 5%
Poverty: 34.9% below ($1 day)
Inflation: 19%

NO oil production

Exports: diamonds, copper, gold, zinc, fish
4th largest producer in world of uranium Foreign Relations! Namibia+ USA Over 47 Organizations Best for Last... Current conditions... COME BE A TOURIST! Safaris Angling Camping Sandboarding Skydiving Quadbiking Caving Hunting (not recommended) Canoeing Paragliding Photography Sunny with a high of 78 F THE REPUBLIC OF NAMIBIA

by Brooke Kassner
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