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Pygmalion Act II: Modern

No description

Andrew Cherrington

on 23 July 2018

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Transcript of Pygmalion Act II: Modern

Pygmalion Act II:

Sir you have an Alfred Doolitle here to see you, shall I send him up?
Yes go ahead, send him up
I hope this wont turn out to be a problem...
Greetings Gentlemen!
*Ahem* I said...
May I help you Sir? I haven't been notified of any maintenance needs, so please, state your business.
Well, Dr. Higgins, I'm here on account of looking for for my daughter, I was told that she is taking up residence with you, and she is my one and only, dear daughter.
Right, so if your here for her, then go on head and take her.
Look Mister, I don't know what your intentions are with my daughter, but I AM her father, and I don't need for her to be getting hurt, for all I know, you may have ALREADY taken advantage of her!
I see the angle your trying to play here, and I'll NOT be blackmailed into paying off some off-the-street garbage man "claiming" to be the father of my intern. I'll have my lawyer sort you out, and until then, my security will ESCORT you out!
Doctor, Doctor, please I'm not here looking for trouble! I'm not here trying to extort you for money!
Then what ARE you here for?
C'mon give an ol' guy a break and I'll tell ya...
I'll tell you what I'm here for....Look, I like you, I like your style, so let's make a deal and let's settle this matter between ourselves, no need for things to get nasty.
I struggle to make a living and make ends meet, not to mention raising my daughter, and since she will no longer be with me to help out with the little income we have, as a little favor from you I just need a little something to help me financially throgh this adjustment, and I PROMISE you, you WON'T be hearing from me again, I swear!
My daughter is a beautiful young woman, but frankly, the little that she does do, isn't cutting it; So here's the deal, just give me five pounds, and you'll never have to deal with me nagging you or her for money! What do you say to a deal like this? You CAN'T loose!
*(Thinking to self) Oh my, that's not much money, considering all the benefits of not being burdened with her family ties, commitments and obligations! this ignorant guy really wants to get ride of his daughter and doesn't see what she can become! This decision is too easy!*
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