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Celebration Dinner

No description

Autumn Schaffer

on 28 July 2017

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Transcript of Celebration Dinner

Financial Aid
Bridging the gap between the cost and what you can afford to pay. *
*Financial Aid is not intended to cover expenses in full.
Over $150 billion is awarded each year!
Where Do I Start?
Complete the
Application for Federal Student Aid (FAFSA)!
Add Gordon's school
You have to apply EVERY Year!
I've been selected for verification.
What now?

Check Banner Web & Gordon Email!
Dependent/Independent Verification Worksheet
Tax Return Transcript from IRS
Proof of any untaxed income
Turn in requested documents
Used to improve accuracy of info. submitted to FAFSA.
FAO will need additional documentation
Types of Financial Aid
Federal Grants-
Free Money
State Grants/ Scholarships-
Free Money
Federal District Loans-
Borrowed Money
Free Money
Federal Work Study-
Earned Money
*Independent of Financial Aid application but counts toward cost of attendance and need.
1. Federal Grants
Federal Pell Grant:
Undergraduates who haven't earned a bachelor's degree
Need-based aid
Award determined by
Expected Family Contribution (EFC)- result from FAFSA
Max award: 5920
Federal Supplemental Education Opportunity Grant (FSEOG):
Undergraduates who are Pell eligible
Awarded students with a
zero EFC
Very Limited Funds
2. State Grants & Scholarships
Georgia Hope Scholarship:
GA resident with 3.00 at graduation from high school
Covers a % of tuition only
Will not pay for learning support classes
3.0 GPA at each tier (30, 60, 90) and each Spring.
3. Federal Direct Loans
Federal Direct Loans:
Funds are borrowed from U.S. Department of Education
Must enroll at least
6 credit hours
Must accept Terms & Conditions in Banner Web
Loan fee deducted
Must be
Complete Master Promissory Note (MPN) & Entrance Counseling @
4. Subsidized Direct Loans
Need- Based
Interest paid by U.S. DOE while you are in school
Annual Loan Limits
Freshmen: $3,500
Sophomores: $4,500
Juniors & Seniors (Bachelor Degree Program): $5,500
*Must accept all subsidized loans before accepting the unsubsidized loan

Accept loans in Banner Web:
Accept terms & conditions
Accept the loan
Only accept what you need!
Parent Plus Loan
need based

Interest accrues,
you may pay
while you are in school.
Annual Loan Limits
$2,000 (all classifications)
Freshman/Sophomores add. $6,000
Juniors & Seniors add. $7,000
For parents of dependent students.
Has fixed interest.
Credit history is checked.

Parents begin repayment 60 days after 1st disbursement.
Students enrolled at least 6 credit hours
Parent must sign Master Promissory Note (MPN)
Parent must complete entrance counseling at www.studentloans.gov
Parent applies for Parent Plus loan at www.studentloans.gov
This is a parent loan &
be applied for in the parent's name!
Plan & Borrow Responsibly!
Especially if attending Summer Semester!
Awards are split between 2 terms.
Pell eligible student who attend full-time Fall & Spring will NOT have Pell for Summer Semester.
Plan Accordingly & Save a Portion!
Satisfactory Academic Progress
Schools are required by U.S. Department of Ed. to establish minimum standards to measure students' progress, in both quality & quantity.
Minimum GPA
67% completion rate
Max Hours
Entire academic history
Dropping classes will affect completion rate.
Checked at the end of each semester a student is enrolled.
Gordon State Email
Banner Web

Check out the FAQ & "How to"
on the GSC Financial Aid webpage!

Lambdin Hall, 2nd Floor
Call Center: 678-359-5990
Where do I find...
"My Gordon" tab
Step 1: Find your 929 number
Step 2: Login to BannerWeb
1. "My Gordon" tab, "Banner Web Log in"
2. User ID: 929 Number
3. Forgot Pin?
4. Answer security question- reset pin
What Will I Do In Banner Web?

Register for Classes
View Financial Aid
Apply for Housing
See Final Grades
Step 3: Reset Your Gordon Email Password
1. "My Gordon" tab
2. "Network Password Reset
3. Gordon Username (Back of ID card)
4. Answer Security Question
5. Reset Password
Uppercase Letters
Lowercase Letters
Must be at least 8 characters
Can't have username
What Do I Need To Access
1. Banner Web
929 number
Self-Created Pin
2. Gordon Email
Gordon Username
Self-Created Password
Other than Banner Web,
you are going to use this for everything!
Your password is going to expire every 122 days so go ahead and complete this process every semester!
Step 4: Login to Gordon Email
1. "My Gordon" tab
2. Gordon Email
3. Gordon Email (for students)
4. Input Gordon email (use @gordonstate.edu)
Sync Gordon Email
to Your Smartphone!
1. "My Gordon" tab
"Lookup My Network Username"
2. Input Last Name, Birthday, SSN
3. 929 number, Email, and Username are displayed
How Do I Register for Classes?
Check your Gordon email!
There should be instructions from an "advise & register" email
1. "My Gordon" tab, "Highlander Registration
"New Students" Links
3. Learning Support or Non-Learning Support Links
Tips for Registering:
1. Use your Pre-Loaded Classes

2. Add in Breaks (so you don't get as many schedules).

3. Edit your breaks if no schedules are available
Tips for Registering:
4. You haven't fully registered until you "
send to shopping cart
" and see "
web registered
Tips for Registering:
5. If you need to edit your schedule,
DROP unwanted classes firs

(Choose the dropdown and "drop")
Tips for Registering:
6. After your register,
clear your Highlander Registration cart
. (This is NOT dropping classes).

This will save some frustration if you need to edit your schedule.
Tips for Registering:
7. If you have a schedule & are adding another class, make sure to check your current schedule and the new class you want to add before searching.
Get Help!
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