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List of Characters in Tears of a Tiger

No description

Chance Carter

on 19 August 2014

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Transcript of List of Characters in Tears of a Tiger

List of Characters in Tears of a Tiger
Andrew Jackson
Andrew Jackson is the one of the main protagonist, he was the one driving the car who killed his best friend Robert Washington. Now seeing a psychologist because of it.
Rob Washington
Rob Washington was the former captain and center for his school's basketball team. He was also the only person killed in the car driven by Andy Jackson.
Characters in Tears of a Tiger
Mr.Carrothers is Andy Jackson's new psychologist. Him and Andy get along and he helps him get over the death of Rob.
B.J. Carson
B.J. Carson was one of the people in the car accident that killed Rob Washington. He never made the basketball team, doesn't drink & he is short.
Gerald Nickelby
Gerald Nickelby is one of the friends of the boys in the car accident. His step dad beats him, doesn't like poems, peanut butter, band-aids and 5 dollar bills.
Keisha is Andy Jackson's girlfriend and is the only person he is not afraid to cry in front of them. She shows alot of concern for Andy.
Tyrone Mills
Tyrone Mills was one of the passenger in the car that killed Rob Washington. He is a basketball player, he dates Rhonda and works at a Burger King.
Mr.Ripley is the coach for basketball and track which he has been coaching for 10 years. After Rob Washington's death he sponsored students against drunk driving.
Ms.Blackwell is the kids English teacher who also likes poetry.
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