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ITC Limited

No description

Divisha Manral

on 29 April 2014

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Transcript of ITC Limited

Seclore File Secure

India's Largest FMCG Brand
Headquarters - Kolkata, India
Origin - August 24, 1910
Only Indian FMCG Brand to Feature in Forbes global Ranking
Ranked as 7th best performing CEO in the world by Harvard Review
ITC Hotels
FMCG, Apparel & Stationery
DLP refers to Data Loss Prevention, it’s a system to detect potential data breach, leakage of data from the systems.
It keeps a track of files accessed and any modification to files by the client .
It monitors the access of USB devices, printers and
shared devices.
Solution installed at network egress points and analyzes network traffic to detect sensitive data that is being sent in violation of information security policies
identifies the sensitive files and then embeds the information security policy within the file, so that it travels with it whether the file or part of it is sent, copied or downloaded.
File level DLP
It is used to regulate the web traffic.
It performs filtering of websites that are
unofficial and unethical in corporate

Websense blocks web threats to reduce malware infections, decrease help desk incidents and free up valuable IT resources
IPS refers to intrusion prevention system and is used to identify malicious activity, log information about this activity, attempt to block and report it. It provides security to the IP address of the organization and prevention from unauthorized access.
IDS refers to intrusion detection system and generates an alert on the console of the system. It notifies the end user the vulnerability that can arrive on the internal traffic and is a threat to the security of the system
Seclore enables users to control the usage of the file, even after it is shared. This helps to enhance collaboration while at the same time reduce worries about information leakage or breaches.
Owner could be creator of the file or any other
user who owns the information contained within
the file. He creates a normal file on his machine
and protects it.

The file internally gets encrypted and the key
to the file gets deposited in Policy Server along with the usage policies
Any user can use the protected file if he has rights to do so, the file opens in the normal editor and the software tracks all the activities that the user does on the file to ensure that the usage policies are enforced.

An employee needs to share large files within the organization which causes choking of networks. Also the space constraint might not allow an employee to do so.

A simple and secure file transfer system has been developed to enable instantaneous delivery of these large files.
Secure File Transfer
FSRM is a suite of tools that allows admins to control the quantity and type of data stored on their servers.
• Limit the size of a folder to 2GB and log an event when the Quota limit is reached.
• E-mail an administrator whenever a specific folder reaches 85% of its specified Quota.
• Schedule a periodic storage reports that shows how much space is being used by each user.
• Generate an instant storage reports to list the largest files on a share.

Create quotas to limit the space allowed for a volume or folder and generate notifications when the quota limits are approached or exceeded.
Quota Management
• Automatically execute a script when a quota limit exceeds 500 MB to clean up stale data in the folder.

OS deployment in target system by replicating reference system. It requires you to configure a
target, prepare it for cloning and run the cloning process directly on the target.

Tivoli Image Deployment reduces labor costs by better management of images.

Discover, capture, store and deploy images and physical server images from a single repository.
A collection of techniques
for increasing data-transfer efficiencies across WAN.
Juniper WAN Accelerator
Hardware device that boosts the speed of WAN bandwidth, improving the performance of enterprise applications.
Compression & caching
TCP Accele
Application Control
Content distribution
SSL encryption Optimized
Compression and Caching
TCP Acceleration
SSL Optimization
Application Control

Divisha Manral

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