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A look at Unicorns

Ever wondered about the history of the Unicorn. Wonder no more with this very informative Prezi about the Unicorn. This inculds The history, where they live, what they eat and much more.

Ashli Chipperfield

on 26 June 2015

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Transcript of A look at Unicorns

A intro to the world of Unicorns
Unicorns are majestic, colorful and funny animals that can fart rainbows, beam sparkles from their horn and much more. This Prezi will show you why unicorns are one of the best animals in the world.
Where do Unicorns live?
All the books and legends say that this mythical creature lives in deep dark forests and enchanted forests. Some examples of places are the snowy forests in Alaska, the thick forests in the United States and the bamboo forests in China.

What do Unicorns eat?
Unicorns Eat a verity of different foods. Here are some examples of the food they eat.
. Rainbow cake
. Rainbow sprinkle
. Candy Salad
. Jellybean pop-tart
.Rainbow Doughnut
Basically they like junk food that has a rainbow color.
The cousins to the Unicorn
At the moment we have discovered three animals that are somewhat related to the Unicorn. The animals are the horse, the narwhal and the unitato.

Unitato Horse Narwhal
we don't have much The horse is the The Narwhal is like
on the unitato but we closest cousin to an underwater
do know that it has a the Unicorn. It unicorn. It lives in
horn, a tail, eyes and is basically a Unicorn the oceans around
always has its tongue but without the horn. the north and south
sticking out. It can run (gallop) pole. It can not do
40-48 Km/h magic.

Unicorns are most famous for the magic they produce from their horns. There is the classic magic sparkle affects that you can see in pictures. Then there is the rainbows coming out from their horns and their butt. These have different affects but both are still awesome.

The history

The origin of this mythical beast is not quite clear but it is said that the people that first saw a rhino called it a unicornis from the Latin meaning single horn. The people probably went back to their homes and told stores about it. Thus leading up to the unicorn we know today
The history of unicorns and more
In conclusion Unicorns are amazing animals. Just don't walk up to one in the wild, They can spike you with their horns.
Hope you had a WHALE of a time

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