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School Week

The week in school

natasha karama

on 15 December 2013

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Transcript of School Week

This week 12/15-12/20
Good Morning Class
Warm-up 12/16
first of all take out homework, if your homework is not with you then sign your name on the no homework sheet.

Good morning class
12-17 No Warm-Up
* Take out the review packet that you did last night( If you didn't then sign your name on the sheet *No homework 3 times is a detention)
*Go over the notes we took yesterday and write 3 sentences on what the notes meant ( I will take a homework grade so don't change answers)
* We have to finish reviewing for the DCA so
any misbehaving nor disrespect will get one sent out with a referral plus a phone call home.
*This is not the time to play games,we have a DCA tomorrow and we aim to get an 80 or better.
Failure is not an option

Good Morning Class
No-Warmup 12-18
Today is your DCA,make sure you have two #2 pencils and a sharpener (eraser)
I'm so proud of you guys,you studied and reviewed the best of your ability
I know you will do great
remember use
I will count that as test points
Take your time and don't rush you'll finish
And good luck to each and everyone of you
Good Morning Warm-Up 12-19
Write about how the test was for you
Explain specifically,not"oh,the test was hard"
5 or more sentences
I am taking this as a Quiz Grade

*Write about your weekend (5 or more sentences I will take a grade)
*Once you are done you can take out and work on the circle map from last week
*If you are done with everything you may read a book but
* If you talk you
get detention

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