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"Everyday Use" by: Alice Walker

This is a look into the life of Alice Walker, and the details of her short story "Everyday Use".

Kathryn Hogan

on 29 September 2011

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Transcript of "Everyday Use" by: Alice Walker

Alice Walker (1944-) Everyday Use (1973) Written in a time of black reform By: Born on 9 February,
1944, in Eatonton Georiga Born to parents
Willie Lee Walker and
Minnie Tallulah Grant Walker
1952: At the age of eight,Walker was accidentally shot in the eye with a BB gun by her brother, Carl. 1958: At the age of fourteen, Walker undergoes eye surgery
and rediscovers her confidence and self worth. 1960: Walker graduates as valedictorian of her class, and wins prom queen. 1961: Walker receives a scholarship the the historic African American woman's institute, Spellman College 1961-63: Alice becomes involved as an activist in the civil rights movement. 1963: Walker leaves Spelman to attend Sarah Lawrence College 1965: Walker discovers she is pregnant, comtemplates suicide, and aborts the baby. In 1967, Walker marries Melvyn
Rosenman Leventhal.
1969: Walker's daughter, Rebecca is born. 1972: Alice moves with her daughter Rebecca to Massachusetts where she taught at Wellesley College 1976: She and her husband Mel Leventhal divorce amicably. MAMA DEE MAGGIE Main Characters in "Everyday Use" •1965: Walker returns to the south to work in voter registration and promoting welfare rights in Georgia. • 1984: Her publishing company,Wild Trees Press is begun with her long-time boyfriend, Robert Allen. •1973: Alice and a friend, Charlotte Hunt, fly down to Eatonville, FL, Zora Neale Hurston's birthplace and places a tombstone on her unmarked grave. 1968: Attends funeral of Martin Luther King, Jr. 1973: Walker's father dies. (1970) (1976) NOVELS (1982) (1989) (1992) ESSAYS (1983) (1973-87) (1997) SHORT STORY COLLECTIONS (1973) (1998) (1981) POETRY (1968) (1973) (1979) (1997) ACHIEVEMENTS:
1966: Bread Loaf Writer's Conference scholar 1967: American Scholar essay contest 1969: National Endowment for the Arts grant 1973: National Book Award nomination and Lillian Smith Award 1974: Richard and Hinda Rosenthal Foundation Award, American Academy and Institute of Arts and Letters 1982-83: National Book Critics Circle Award nomination, and Pulitzer Prize and American Book Award 1977: Guggenheim Memorial Foundation Award Walker attended Elementary and middle school at East Putnam Consolidated 1994: Walker changes her middle name to Tallulah-Kate. Biography Quilting Mary Poole Walker's inspiration Womanism:
A black feminist "During the depression and really hard time, people often paid their debts with quilts, and sometimes their tithes to the church too." -The Quilters Presented by: Kathryn Hogan
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