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Genetically Modified and Organic Foods

No description

Grayson Duncan

on 22 February 2013

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Transcript of Genetically Modified and Organic Foods

Summary Organic foods are more expensive than generic.

We want to find the differences in DNA.

Research can help common consumer make smart food choices.

Acquire samples
Prime samples for rtPCR
Run samples through rtPCR
Run samples through gel electrophoresis
Compare results Organic foods are more expensive, but genetically modified foods may cause health concerns. Hypothesis Genetic Differences
in Organic and
Generic Foods What is the genetic difference? If we compare organic and generic food samples, then we will find that the DNA is drastically different. Previous Research "Organic" cow feed contaminated with GM

GM-fed rat studies

Indian workers reactions to GM cotton Organic vs. Generic Legal parameters Importance Accomplishment Hopes By Grayson Duncan, Tiffany Brooks, and Sydney Herzog Problem Generic
$3.79/gal. Organic
$7.36/gal. http://www.amortyaray.com/blog/wp-content/uploads/2010/05/milk.jpg Generic
$2.76/lb. Organic
$5.89/lb. http://www.mealsonwheelswest.org/the-nutritional-value-of-corn/ http://transitionculture.org/2009/07/10/potato-competition-winner-announced/ Generic
$0.79/lb. Organic
$1.95/lb. Why do scientists genetically modify foods? What are genetically
modified foods? This research will provide information that can be related to the common consumer. To find the amount of genetic modifications in generic and organic food. Experimental Design Acquire Samples Prime Samples for rtPCR Run Samples Through rtPCR Compare Results Poultry Milk Potatoes Corn http://www.goldkist.com/products/productinfo.aspx?id=148 http://www.gene-quantification.de/platform1.html Real Time PCR http://www.gene-quantification.de/platform1.html Available Sources PGXL Laboratories

Jenna Colgan, RD

Turner Farm

Dr. Richard C. Bozian, MD

Dr. Peter Regan Thomison

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"...As GM crops become more prevalent, there is little that an organic farmer can do to prevent a speck of GM pollen or a stray GM seed from being blown by the wind onto his land or farm equipment..." - Jyoti Thottam,
TIME Magazine http://dogpostdaily.com/2012/07/u-s-department-of-agriculture-is-considering-to-regulate-more-dog-breeders-and-sellers/ Possible Future Research Comparing more food samples for wider average

Examining which genes have different effects

Studying possible health effects Any questions?
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