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Five nights at Freddys

No description

anna callahan

on 18 November 2015

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Transcript of Five nights at Freddys

Five nights at Freddys
Music vid
The newer


The puppet
toy foxy/
Toy Chica
Toy Bonnie
Toy Freddy
golden freddy 2
Foxy #2
Chica 2
Bonnie 2
Freddy 2
the bite of '87
"well, they used to be able to walk around in the day until the bite of '87.yeah. weird how the human can live without the frontal lobe huh?"
- phone guy
The bite of '87 was an incidant that occurred in 1987 at Freddy Fazbears pizza parlor;It was breafly mentiond by the phone guy in the first Game...they used to be able to walk around during the day too,but than there was the bite of
'87. the details of this attack [ and the identity of the anamatonic responsible] are not given, but
allegedly cused the loss of the frontal
lobe of the victoms brain.
more about the bite
the incident contributed to a loss in the restraunts reputation, witch resulted in a major drop in bisnuss. however, the restraunt would have closed down anyways because of the many health violations. Five nights at Freddys 2 suggests that it occurs during the day after the game's night 6 ( when Jearamy Fitzgerald is asked to work the day shift to keep an eye on the anamatronics).

as a result of the incident,the anamatronics are no longer aloud to rome around in the daytime. they now have a limeted rome mode for night only.
custom nights
custom nights
(Bite of '87)
anamatraunics that mite have done it
so these are the anamatraunics that have evedince that they did it
This presentation may
be scary for younger viewers. There mite be scary pictures,or videos. some of this is copied from wiki. please watch with family.
some people have speculated that foxy did the bite.this has been chosen by people because of his loose jaw, and his broken teeth. In Foxy's starting

place, pirate cove, there is a
sign that reads "sorry! out of
order." and foxy herself in
a state of dispare,
possibly suggesting that
the attra

freddy apears

when you lose your power
and play his theme song

hello its mangle
are dead now
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