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Copy of Presentation On Presentations

A presentation on Prezi presentations that will amaze and inspire your audience.

Paola Alou

on 15 January 2013

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Transcript of Copy of Presentation On Presentations

Architecture Construction Phases Area Diagrams tall... Island’s most beautiful locations DIT Group and IDEA Desarrollos Innovation seriously! Cabeza de Toro We make a point in NOT repeating ourselves and imbuing every project with its own Our combined efforts has produced

that have been awarded honors and recognitions both locally and internationally. DIT Palace at Punta Cana We again thank the Our architectural alliance enjoys widely recognized This part is all about
creating a prezi that's easy to... Over 25 years of experience... our strengths + the project Is one of the and a 5 star resort will certainly suit this magnificent setting. Site environmental performance
and friendliness Design the The look and feel Approach Rafael Alvarez
DESIGN Franc Ortega
FO&A Daniel Pons
ARQUITECTOS by for considering us We take from LARGE SCALE buildings to graphic design from small scale... architecture Furgovilla
by Pons Architects Arrozsal Restaurant
by Alvarez + Brock Design Alma Mater
by FO&A ... Banesco Headquarters Facade
by Pons Architects Claro Headquarters
by FO&A ...to large... Ginaka
Building by
Pons Architects Welcome! ...and larger... architecture experience, prestige and creativity! character and persona. Belanova
by Pons
Architects Leon Bank
by Pons
Architects ...and even larger... Cap Cana Heritage School
by FO&A ...urban scale... La Puntilla
by Pons Architects and from Torre Friusa
by Pons Architects to the tallest!! in the Caribbean
41 floors
Anacaona 27 Tower
by Pons Architects interior
design in the DR
... New York... ITALY UNITED
KINGDOM VENEZUELA MEXICO New Jersey... Portland... Boston... Miami... Connecticut... at
The Luxor
The Mirage at The Monte Carlo landscaping from a matchbox... branding

design to the
menu... to the
uniform... Initial green goals are to be defined at the very early stage of the design process Energy Efficiency Approach Weather Conditions Mechanical System Enclosure Plug Loads Light Sustainability Planning We also work with an excellent and nationally recognized team of technical engineers i m p a c t ecological experience The Architecture The Architecture The The Project's The Architecture memorable
places Thank you!
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