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Art and Music in Shakespeare's Time

The arts were an important part of the late 16th century.

Katie Meyers

on 6 April 2011

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Transcript of Art and Music in Shakespeare's Time

Art and Music Art in the 16th century consisted of three essential elements - naturalism (realistic), secularism (not relating to religion) , and classicism (imitating Greek and Roman styles). Artists belonged in a group with doctors and apothecaries. It was a very honorable profession. Having art in your home was a sign of wealth, and royals frequently hired artists to paint their portraits. Famous artists such as Michelangelo revolutionized the art of SCULPTING, which became seperate from architecture. Here is his famous depiction of Moses. Non-portrait paintings exaggerated wealth and were large, full-scale and loaded with color. They were often painted with oils on wood. MUSIC The theater was popular during Shakespeare's time, even before he wrote his own plays. Most ammpitheaters were built during this time period. Music was often joyful and light and fit for the Royals, especially Queen Elizabeth, who loved music. Instruments at the time:
Music reflected a Baroque style. It was the beginning of BANDS as we know them! Renaissance Rolling Stones, anybody?
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