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The Metamorphosis Historical Context

No description

Mariana Galindo

on 21 February 2013

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Transcript of The Metamorphosis Historical Context

World War 1 Prague at the turn of the century The Metamorphosis Historical Context Suzi, Taylor, Maritza, & Mariana More History Bohemian Revolution Bohemian Revolution was a series of revolts in France, Germany, Austria, and Italy to overthrow absolutism government by middle class liberals and the lower classes.
Revolts in other countries led to a spread of revolts in other countries for rights such as voting for public officials, higher wages and smaller hour work days.
In Prague when the revolts began against the government due to lack of public representatives and civil equality the peasant revolts against low wages led to peasants attacking Jewish businessmen. Connections Connections to the book pg. 9 Gregor's fear of his employer firing him over missing a day although he had never missed a day before due to the public unrest at the time. Connections Gregor's poor treatment from his own family.
He's was no longer seen like a person, just an insect.
"It has to go...it isn't possible for humans to live with such a creature" (Kafka, 52)
The split between The Czech Republic and Slovakia "peacefully" , like Gregor's death. Connections June 28th 1914; Archduke Francis Ferdinand and his wife Sophie were assassinated by a Serbian Nationalist

The death of Archduke Ferdinand and the Serbians declining the list of demands Austria-Hungry presented after the assassination is what caused Austria- Hungry to declare war on Serbia

Emperor William II (of Germany) on July 5th stated that Germany would fully support the actions that Austria- Hungry toward the Serbian Nationalist Movement

Prague was apart of the “Central Powers” of WWI which included; Austro- Hungarian Empire, German Empire, Ottoman Empire, and Kingdom of Bulgaria

At the end of the war, Czechoslovakia was an independent country. The Holocaust: People see it as an allegory for it. The Czech Republic & Slovakia split in 1993 The horror irrupted in people, Gregor's family horror after the Metamorphosis. (Peace being disturbed)
The change of views the family has on Gregor, the view changed throughout the war.
The family losing a part of itself-- The Angro-Hungarian Empire Czechoslovakia gaining freedom from the Astro Hungarian Empire in 1918 The freedom that Gregor receives after turning into a bug, debt of parents. Architecture
Neo-Renaissance houses and buildings were built.
Neo-Renaissance National Theatre
Most apartments had rooms which were connected to each other.

Transportation systems were also advancing during the turn of the century.

At the turn of the 20th century, Prague was home to many talented German writers of Jewish origin. Kafka's description of
Gregor's house.
(Kafka, 10-11)

Gregor's way of
transportation to work
(train). (Kafka, 4)

Kafka and Prague In Conclusion... ANY QUESTIONS??
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