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art direction 430

No description

Susan Johnson

on 3 February 2015

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Transcript of art direction 430

The Big Idea is about "discovery"
- The best ideas simply come from understanding how and why people use a product or service.
Consider the following
Show the product
—establish or reinforce brand identity. Period

Show the benefit
—what happens when you use it; what does it do for you?

Show the alternative
—what happens when you don't use it or use the competition?

Borrowed interest
—introduce something seemingly unrelated.

Testimonial or case history
—an endorsement or a description of what it's done for someone else. It could be a celebrity or an ordinary person. Or simply a public service announcement for a non-profit organization.
How to Facilitate a Group Brainstorming Session
Define the problem clearly & succinctly,
i.e. GROUP & individual - marketing objective.
Determine criteria,
i.e. diverse formats.
Appoint two people: (1) a good note taker and (2) an effective facilitator who will be responsible for running the session. (Useful tools include oversized notepads and a marker board or an interactive whiteboard screen. Or the session might be recorded in its entirety.) Notes should be evaluated at the conclusion of the session.
Include participants with different expertise. Encourage all participants to contribute freely.
Stay focused on the problem under discussion,
i.e. consistent strategy approach.
Do not judge any contributed ideas during the session. Creativity should not be stifled, no matter how harebrained an idea might seem in the moment.
Schedule a second round of brainstorming that will build on ideas suggested in the first.
PROJECT TWO is all about discovering that BIG IDEA.
- THE GOAL being to learn what it takes to work together as a team to successfully center a campaign around ONE IDEA.
- Build a Brief
art direction 430
Showing the product or building the brand
Type treatment
Visual Analogy (2 in 1 manipulation)
Showing the benefit
Collage treatment
Type treatment
Visual Analogy (2 in 1 manipulation)
Visual Metaphor (subtile pointer)
Type treatment
Visual analogy
Type treatment
Visual analogy
Collage treatment
Visual Metaphor
3 show alternative or competition
Visual analogy
Visual Metaphor
Visual analogy
Visual Metaphor (subtile pointer)
4 Borrowed interest or unrelated
Collage Treatment
Type Treatment
Collage Treatment
Type Treatment
5 Testimonial or case history
Collage Treatment
Type Treatment
Collage Treatment
Type Treatment
- Brainstorm
- Form a solid strategy
Know your audience well.
Formulate your one main marketing objective.
Make a mind map of visual descriptors, product or service advantages or possibilities. Anything goes at first!
Search threw many creative resources to spark new ideas, unusual word plays - visual "pairings" or thought patterns.
Go back and look at your main objective and circle the ideas that ONLY fits & focuses within that one sentence!
Perfect the idea that can go the farthest. Make sure your best idea has "legs" - or that it can be adapted into ALL possible formats.
Project 1
Project 2
Provide an opportunity for collaboration
Encourage creative thinking and Generate MANY ideas
PROJECT ONE is all about discovering that BIG IDEA.
- THE GOAL being to learn what it takes to successfully ART DIRECT a campaign around ONE strong concept.
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