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Pre-writing Process

No description

Allie Kampmeyer

on 10 March 2014

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Transcript of Pre-writing Process

1.09 Lesson
Imagery ,Tone, and Mood
Key points
The way the author wants the reader to feel while reading.
Some words that can be used to describe mood are gloomy, peaceful, and suspenseful are just a few.
interacts with any or all of a reader's senses—sound, touch, temperature, smell, taste, and movement.

Tone is an important aspect of voice.

Example: I like being with you, it feels like home to me.
What does he mean by "home"? Not being in a building, right?
So what are some words that come to your mind when you hear the word home
On a starry night in Paris, we walked to the Eiffel tower. The air so crisp and clear, the smell of popcorn stands, and seeing the Eiffel tower light up at midnight.
A parent sternly says, "I expect you home before midnight—not a minute after. When you get home, I want you to wake me up so I can check the clock."
tone depends on mood
Imagery should paint pictures in your head while reading the story. It uses any or all of the senses.
Mood adds another layer to the story.
Assignment for 1.09
For this assessment you must demonstrate your understanding of the pre-writing process by completing the Narrative Planner.
Tone depends on mood. Depending what type of mood your friend is in will determine what type of tone they have. There must always be a mood to have a tone.
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