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my inspiration

No description

keri weber

on 26 May 2010

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Transcript of my inspiration

Jordan Witzigreuter CD'S contest's the band merch stuff andy snyder-bass blizzard of '89 love like woe 1.stays for the same
3.giants 1.sixty eight
2.you talk and i'll listen
3.T.F.E.R.A 1.approach-approach
3.the bandit
4.tending to turn out pretty great
5.world owes nothing
8.soular flares
11.augustus and the holiday 1.balconies
2.aileron jordan witzigreuter-lead singer zombie contest for
"Love Like Woe" the crew concers :) june 20th 2010<3 justin Anderson-
drummer(not in
the band any more) june 19th 09 pictures from:
tiny pics
photobucket drain notes matt-manager jordan andy george justin GEORGE JORDAN andy the band OLD MERCH SITE DUDE facts:
The Ready Set signed to Decay Dance Records.
The band is from Fort Wayne, Indiana.First year touring for Bamboozle.They came together in 2008.The one's who left the band were Justin and George.TRS is making a new song on June 15th this year called "I'm Alive,I'm dreaming".
Band members:
lead singer-Jordan
bass-Andy Snyder
drums-Travis Rountree
gutiar- Keegan Weckler
Manager-Matt neilson
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