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Poetry through the ages

No description

Brooke Hardwick

on 1 February 2013

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Transcript of Poetry through the ages

Poetry through the ages Modern
Great experimentation with language, form, imagery and rhythm
W.B. Yeats, T.S. Eliot, W.H. Auden
Robert Frost, Ezra Pound
War Poetry (Wilfred Owen, Siegfried Sassoon)
Bruce Dawe, Kenneth Slessor, Judith Wright
Poets writing now 20th Century Poetry Second half of 19th Century
There was a strong emphasis on moral concerns.
Robert and Elizabeth Browning
Christina Rossetti Victorian Poetry Mid 18th – Mid 19th Centuries
There was a strong emphasis on feelings and personal vision
Nature poetry was prevalent
Wordsworth Byron Poe
Coleridge Keats Blake
Shelley Romantics 1700 – 1750 referred to as the Augustun or Classical age but more commonly called the Age of Reason
Poets took a didactic approach
Preoccupied with social themes
Pursuit of reason
Alexander Pope, Swift 18th Century Part of the Renaissance period
16th (and a bit of the 17th) century
Featured songs and lyrics
The sonnet form was very popular
Content was elegant, courtly and traditional
Famous Poets
Sidney, Spenser, Drayton, Marlowe, Shakespeare The Elizabethan Era Naitre = to be born in French

Re = prefix

Therefore renaissance = rebirth Renaissance Poetry Early Middle Ages
These were often ballads, robust stories based on true events
Chaucer’s – The Canterbury Tales
Heath Leger in The Knight’s Tale

Lyric Poetry
Later Middle Ages
Lyric poetry
Lyre – Travelling minstrels Medieval Poetry Mythic
Heroic adventures

Homer’s Odyssey
Beowulf Early Poetry A brief history …. Ages of Poetry Religious wars dominated and poetry was less optimistic.
Sombre tone
Broken into 2 periods
The Puritan Age (1600 – 1660)
Major poets: Donne, Milton and the appearance of the Metaphysical poets
Restoration Period (1660 – 1700) 17th Century
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