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World Religions

world religions by Thomas Pipitone & Jack Kennon

Thomas Pipitone

on 14 March 2013

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Transcript of World Religions

JUDAISM HINDUISM BHUDDHISM World Religions By Jack Kennon & Thomas Pipitone.
Ms. Canavan's p1 Humanaties Founded by: Siddartha (Buddha)
Origin: India
God/Gods: None
Beliefs: Meditation, karma, brahman
Spread: Trade, traveling of the Buddha, widespread temples, people migrating to other countries Siddartha was a wealthy prince when he was a child. He never left the palace without being heavily guarded. One night, he left the palace alone, and saw the "four passing sights". They were an old man leaning on a cane, a man with disease, a dead man, and a homeless holy man. Siddartha wanted to understand why death and pain were part of life, so he studied with Hindu Gurus. The Gurus told him that there was an endless circle of life. He wasn't happy with this, so he joined a group that practiced self denial, he meditated for 49 days, and after that, he finally felt that he had achieved perfect wisdom. (enlightenment) Founded by :Various peoples
Origin:Indus Valley (India)
God/Gods:Over 3,200 various gods
Spread:Various sects,trade,migration of peoples Hinduism is the oldest religion to date. It is derived from many Vedic practices and ceremonys. Hinduism is also the most complex religoun with more followers than any other. The Buddhists didn't believe that Buddah was a god, but they worshiped him as a leader. The Buddhists practiced extreme self denial.
The religion spread when Buddah traveled and spread his enlightenment to others. It also spread when his people migrated to different places. When he died, he encouraged his followers to spread the religion. The Buddhists didn't believe that Buddah was a god, but they worshiped him as a leader. The Buddhists practiced extreme self denial.
The religion spread when Buddah traveled and hinduism spread through various sects and merchants giving religoun to the lands they traveled to. Karma: The belief that good actions will reward
you with a better second life. The Jewish people only believe in one god (monotheism). They traveled from Ancient Mesopotamia to Ancient Egypt. They also practiced ethical behavior, which is behahavior based on what is right and wrong. They had a covenant with their god, where they would follow his rues, known as the Ten Commandments. They spread when the babylonians took over Egypt and sent the Jewish people into exile, where they despersed into synagogues. Synagogues were Jewish temples. Origin: Ur
Founder: Abraham Rabbi
Beliefs: Monotheism, ethical behavior, covenant between god and man, The Ten Commandments Sect: A religious group that breaks off from the main religion BIBLIOGRAPHY Ancient Civilizations Prentice Hall
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