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Soda Sabotage

Persuasive Speech

Jennifer Sharpe

on 26 April 2010

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Transcript of Soda Sabotage

Gallons of Soft Drinks Consumed
per person per year The effects of
excess Sugar: 1. blood sugar spikes
2. liver dumps sugar
3. sugar turned into fat 4. blood pressure rises
5. another burst from liver 6. crash
7. craving for stimulant
8. cycle restarts your blood and body CALCIUM levels
suffer from
"I feel great!" "My bones hurt." Carbonation and Caffeine The effects of
excess Caffeine: over-stimulated
nervous system 1. stress
2. insomnia
3. headaches
Increased Risks: obesity
type-2 diabetes
tooth decay +20 min. +40 min. +60 min. addictive Stop
Soda Sabotage
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