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College Night

How to select the right college for you, the application process, and financial aid.

Catie Riessen

on 14 October 2013

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Transcript of College Night

There is one for
Where will I be happy?
Take a look at "ME"
Close to home?
Far away from home?
Large or small college?
Am I a good match academically?
Does the school offer my major?
Does the school fit my interests/
Do I meet the admissions requirements?
What can my family afford?
Where do I begin?
Choosing a College is Similar to Buying a Car!
Colleges come in all shapes and sizes
Public colleges tend to be bigger. GPA and test scores are admission criteria
Private colleges tend to be smaller. Other factors are considered in addition to GPA and test scores.
Colleges Want to See...
-Positive slope to the academic record
-"Meaty" academic courses all four years
-Senior year should show continued academic courses,
hard work and good grades
A Strong College Bound Schedule:
4X4 in English
Social Studies
Test Drive Before You Buy!
Each college looks and feels differently
Do your research;
go online
Check out
the campus
Attend college fairs
Visit with college reps
Visit with current students/alumni
College comparison checklist
Weigh pros and cons of each school
Factors Influencing Admission Decision
Funding Your College Education
It is the family's responsibility to pay for college education
Need Based financial aid
Merit Based
Can not apply for need
based until after
January 1st of senior year
Need based scholarships require completion of FAFSA
(Free Application for Federal Student Aid)
Loans/Work Study
Financial Aid Eligibility=
Cost of Attendance-Family Contribution
Cost of attendance includes:
Room and board
Miscellaneous expenses
-Accumulative GPA
-Test Scores
-Class Rank
The College Application
When: 1st semester of senior year
Deadline: Thanksgiving
How: Online or hard copy
How many: 3-5 apps
Application Types:
Early Action-Non committed,
potentially could have a decision by December
Early Decision-100% commitment
Rolling Admission-Metro State-
Decision 3-4 weeks after applying
Regular Decision-Deadlines
Example: Dec. 1st
Develop a Plan to Finance Your Education
*Determine college costs
*Investigate all possible resources
(Parents, Savings, Summer $$, Financial Aid, other sources)
*Complete necessary forms and note deadlines
*Apply as early as possible!
Additional Applicaion Information:
-Know college test requirements: ACT/SAT
-Know application fees and deadlines
-Know application components: personal information, essay, teacher/counselor recs.
-Know scholarship requirements
Review and Finalize Your Plans
-Talk with your parents and counselor
-Select a college that best meets your needs and preferences.
-Follow up with colleges to which you have applied.

Final Thoughts...
*Choose your college for YOU, not where your friend is going!!!!
*Maintain good grades through the end of the year
*Give teachers & counselor two weeks lead time for your letters of rec.
*Spend extra time on your essay!

DEADLINES: Senior Year
-College Applications
-Financial Aid
-Changing Courses
-Ordering Grad. Announcements
-Completing all your requirements to graduate!
Thank you for coming!
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