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Sword Art Online

The prezi will be updated every day or a few days. It will take a while to finish up because of the info and episode delay (1 per week)

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Transcript of Sword Art Online

Sword Art Online Sword Art Online The nerve gear.
This is a device worn
on your head to
play sao or sword art
online. It controls your
brain and nerves to
put you into the game.
The nerve gear cannot
be removed from your
head and will destroy
your brain if anyone
tries to remove it. Sword art online is a death game.
The game is only playable with
the nerve gear. The online game
is a massive world with 100 floors.
The rules are deadly and simple.
If you die in the game, you'll die
in reality. You cannot log out, so
you cant leave the game.
If anyone tries to remove the gear
your brain will be destroyed. Over
four thousand people have died,
and six thousand lived. Egil, a 'special' blacksmith
that supports Kirito with
swords. He is a buddy with
Kirito in the real world. Egil
works at a bar and brings
info to Kirito that has to do
with kirito's 'girlfriend' or
the nervegear. Egil is a nice
and brave man. He is one my
favorites. Klein, he is a funny and
emotional guy. He was
Kirito's first friend he
made on his return to SAO.
Klein helped kirito with a few
things like...
1. get the special loot of the
christmas boss. (revive anyone)
2. Help defeat the 73rd boss
Klein is a funny man :D want to
see...? This is asuna, a cute and nice girl. She is Kirito's 'girlfriend'.
She first met him during the meeting of
their plan to defeat
the first boss in months. She grouped with kirito, and they managed to defeat the first boss. Kirito told them about his secret and he left Asuna. A while later, he met asuna once again. I'll bring more info later on with the prezi. Yui, a program system data
user for SAO. She was 'leaked'
into the game as a player.
Later on Kirito and Asuna found
her in the forest and made her a
daughter. She acts like a baby
sometimes, but she will eventually
grow up. She is a cute girl, and a
smart kid. She likes spicy sandwitches,
following daddy's footsteps :D Liz, the famous blacksmith
that made Kirito's favorite
duel weilding sword. He likes
his other sword, but the sword
she made was his favorite,
and he used it for is duel
weilding skills. She is a nice
and hard working blacksmith.
Dont forget to say thanks to liz
Kirito! :D Silica, a young girl that kirito
saved from 3 monsters. She has
a pet dragon and will do anything
for her pet. Her pet died and she begged
kirito to help her receive a special item
that has the power to revive a pet. Kirito
helped her and she was able to revive her
best friend. Kayaba, is the person who
created the online game
SAO and the other games
that will be released later
in the series. He wanted
to see what it would look
like to be into a nervegear
game. He is a very smart
but dumb person. This is the SAO Kayaba.
Everyone thought him
as the strongest player.
Well.. he really cheated
because he was the creator
and the final boss. He used
an ability to make him
invinsible(immortal status).
Kirito and Asuna defeated him
on the 14th episode and the
game was cleared. . Alfheim Online is a new world
simular to SAO. The game is
different to SAO. The differences
(1) There are new land
(2) There are 9 races of fairies.
(3) You can fly and there is
a castle ontop of a tree
and people try to fly to the top

The game is the second world after SAO.
When the game was cleared, Asuna didnt
wake up. Instead she was transferred into
Alfheim Online. Kirito found this out by
Egil and decided to go into the game to
find Asuna. What will happen? Will he find
Asuna? Will they be able to leave? one way to find out. Kirito, the main character
of the whole series. I think
he is very cool and caring.
He is very strong. Kirito
is my favorite character ever!
He is dating a girl named Asuna.
He and her first met in SAO.
And now the game is cleared and
they are in a game called Alfiem
Online. He cares so much about
Asuna and his cousin. His cousin is
caring and likes Kirito A LOT.
Her name is Suguha Kirigiya. Suguha, Kirito's sister...
She lives with him and his mom.
Kirito thinks she is his younger
sister but secretly, she is his
cousin and she likes him alot.
She looks like him and is brave
like him. She is sometimes shy
around him and blushes alot...
She isnt introduced later on in
the series, episode 15. This is the first floor, Aincrad.
Kirito met his first friend Klein
on this floor. Later on he meets
Asuna at the meeting about
how to defeat the first floor boss.
This floor is has very weak monsters
for beginners. The higher floor you
go to, the harder it gets. This is the biggest town of Aincrad.
Kirito and Klein met in the town.
Later on at the waterfall, Kirito and
Klein found out they couldnt log out.
They were teloported to the main hall
to the game master, Kayaba. When they were teloported, they ended up
seeing the game master, Kayaba. He explained
about the log out error and said that he deleted
the log out button and explained about the
(1) if you die online, you'll die in reality.
(2) You cannot log out.
(3) The nerve gear cant be removed. Kirito met Asuna at a meeting to
talk about the plan to defeat the
first floor boss. They needed to be
in pairs and Kirito and Asuna
decided to be paired. They invited
each other to the party and got
ready for the fight. The first boss, located on
the first floor, Aincrad.
The boss is a red bear giant.
It has two axes and attacks
swiftly and powerfully. If
he is damaged good, he will
change to a long combat sword
and quickly end his enemies. When Kirito and Asuna destroyed the boss.
He got a special item called 'The Cloak Of
Midnight'. He decided to tell his teammates
that he was a beta tester( a person who had
an early chance to clear levels and he knew
every move and trap. The team hated him
and he decided to leave. Kirito joined a small guild and he was far stronger than any of of players in the guild. He had a crush on a girl later on. He helped his friends level up and go on adventures. When they went to find treasure they were trapped and they were killed except Kirito. He then stayed in his home for a long time thinking about that day. He then returned to the battle field. When Kirito returned he had a
important meeting with the top
guild, Knights Of The Blood Oath.
They wanted to use their villagers
as a distraction to defeat the invaders.
Kirito didnt accept it and they thought
of a different plan. Kirito slept under a
tree then Asuna slept... It starts like this... She sees him...
Turns mad and.... Dirty stuff happened...
She wakes up....
and gets very shy...
She is tired...
(CHECK THE MOUTH) Kirito took Asuna to the floor's boss to see what the boss looked like. When they saw, it was a big beast and they got really scared. Klein came to fight it and they decided to work together when the time comes. A lame guild came and... got killed...
Kirito decided to save them but they were dead and there was no turning back. He decided to fight the beast and he used a special ability called 'Duel Weilding' This is a random picture of the home where asuna lives. Kirito purposed to Asuna here. They lived here ever since the fight with the mighty beast that Kirito was forced to use 'Duel Wielding'. After the bosses defeat, Kirito asked Asuna to marry him. They then lived at Asuna's home and they started their life together. During the adventure, they went to a trip in the forest and found a girl roaming around. They decided to adopt her and took care of her for a few days then they went to save a person, sadly their daughter, Yui decided to risk her life to save Kirito and Asuna. The castle.... Not so long later after the duel weild madness,
Kirito, Asuna, Egil, Klein, Kayaba, and everyone
else fought the 73rd boss. Many people suffered
and died. After the boss was slayed, Kirito then
found out Kayaba's secret and told everyone
that who Kayaba was. Kayaba was impressed
and then gave him a chance to fight him to
clear the game. The duel towards death was taken place. Kirito shall duel Kayaba to clear the game. Will he be able to? Or
will he die trying? The duel will now begin... The game is now cleared and everyone can log out. Kirito was alive and went on a search for Asuna. Kirito found her in a hospital and lived a while without her awake due to her health. Kirito then found out that Asuna was in another game called Alfheim online. He decided to join it and find her. Will he find her?
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