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Le Tour

No description

Erin Webster

on 11 January 2013

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Transcript of Le Tour

Race to Customer Intimacy The Course Pre-Race Agenda Race-Day Agenda Preventure Annual Meeting January 11, 2013 2013
Company Vision/Strategic Plan
Sales & Marketing Goals & Outcomes
Operations Goals & Outcomes
Talent Management
Fit for Life
“Get Intimate” Contest
Wrap up Recognition First time attendees
Peter 2012 Review
State of the Company
Sales & Marketing Highlights
Ops Highlights
Fit for Life Anniversaries One Year
Kelly, Val, Melanie, Alyson, Michaela, Scott
Three Years
Five years
Debbie Q4 OSA Awards Carol


Garth Testimonials “Of 23 million US firms, only 4% get over $1M and only 0.4% ever make it to $10M” Milestones December
Surpassed $6M & $7M in reoccurring revenues State of the Company State of the Company State of the Company Added 15 net new employees - 25 to 40
Fastest Growing Companies Award
Healthiest Companies Award
Tele-work program
OSA Awards
Fit for Life
P-Bruins & PawSox outings
Lunch & Learns
Block Island
Holiday & Birthday celebrations
High Rollers
Big Brothers Big Sisters
Profit Share $75,000 Sales and Marketing Sales Highlights- 2012 Marketing Highlights- 2012 Hired Jill!
Instituted Marketing Queue process, QA review process
Built high expectations for client marketing materials

Preventure Wellness Blog- 74 Postings
SEO impact Q4: 7 key words in the top 3; 10 key words in top 10 results
180 Subscribers at year end

Monthly Blog Summaries created; sent to prospects & clients

New For You webinars started with clients

Preventure Facebook Page – 36 postings
“One of my friends referred your site to me as a great resource for information on health and wellness.” $1.8M in new, annualized revenue
New: Delek, CarMax, HCUSA, Lamar, Oaktree, Hill Rom, Emerald, Frost, PG&E, HMH, CBI, Bombardier, Perkins + Will, PAREXEL and BCBS RI.
Upsells: ~$300K
Sales Work
1451 new companies
192 new lead conference calls
228 new opportunities/prospects created
287 proposals generated
297 follow-up calls/meetings/webinars Fit for Life 2012 Company Vision Strategic Plan 2003 – 2006
Revenues increased from $714,00 to $2.1M (+1.4M)
Average growth of 47%
2006 – 2009
Revenues increased from $2.1M - $2.4M (+300K)
Average growth rate of 14% Company Vision/ Strategic Plan “Gazelles”
Businesses that grow at least 20% a year for four years in a row
2009 to 2010 – 23%
2010 to 2011 – 74%
2011 o 2012 – 47%
2012 to 2013 – 31% (budget) Company Vision/ Strategic Plan Continue to be a “Gazelle” Company

Need for systems & structure
Need to navigate the larger marketplace dynamics
Need for the Executive team to grow as leaders Company Vision/ Strategic Plan Company Vision/ Strategic Plan Goal: Move from being a good company to becoming a great company

Strategic Planning Process
3 workshops with Bill
Internal workshops
Tiger teams “The growth curve of a company is in direct
proportion to the growth curve of its leaders” Vistage
Engaged Bill Howe Company Vision/ Strategic Plan Business Strategy
Competitive advantage; point of difference

Operational Excellence
Product Leaders
Customer Intimacy Company Vision/ Strategic Plan Customer Intimacy
An obsession with individual solution development, results management, and relationship management
Expertise in the client’s problem and ability to change the way they do business
The worst failure isn’t to lose money but to lose a customer Company Vision/ Strategic Plan Company Vision/ Strategic Plan Requires efforts of the whole company
Worthy companies of C.I. Companies
Attitude, Operational Fit, Financial Value
Narrow the business focus
Right people in the right seat & empower those working close to the customer Company Vision/ Strategic Plan 2009 – 2013
Revenues increased from $2.4 to $9.5M (+$7.1M)
Average growth 44% 2013 Goals Transition to ‘Ideal Client Development’

Sandbox (target market)
1500+ employeesWellness is important
Partnership is of high value

Sell Customer Intimacy focus as key differentiator
Less work for you, best practices from us
We own execution and problem-free program, but we need your support to succeed. 2013 Actions Close $1.2M in new, annualized revenue
Improve client renewal and upsells
Expand public marketing efforts with CI-branding
New website
Increased marketing with more focused brand promise
Real ROI stats to share
Prospect Smarter
New Sandbox
Target clients – existing wellness program, wellness award winners, care about employees/health
Nurture Consultant relationships
Highest value for you and your customers Sales and Marketing Operations Operations 2012 Operations Highlights 2012 Expanded Operations Team - 14
New Positions
New Members in EVERY Department

New Client Launches – 10

Preventure National Provider Network – 51 total!

Developed Preventure Coaching Program

Completed Biometric Screening Partner RFP – Launching Q1

Customer Service Expanded Hours and Responsibilities

Phone System Upgrade Data Team - Stu Introduction of process / workflow documentation
Automation of processes
Streamlined Automated Reporting (biometric/hra)
Eligibility file processing time
100% increase in volume with 2 additional staff Training and Implementation - Carol Launched new products and technology:
Home Kits, Lab Vouchers, QR Codes, Smart Phone
Launched with new vendors: Quest Lab, Bio IQ
Integrated Internal Training in Weekly Team Meetings
Refined Implementation Process for New Client Launch
Leveraged Google Functionality
Google web site
Real-Time Standardized Planning Document
Successfully implemented new client launches on V2 Platform EM Team- Val EM Team has grown!
Expanded opportunities for growth
Progress in development of Engagement Manager Tool Box
Increased collaboration and integration
Focused weekly team meetings IFCN - Tom Closed year with 3,384 clubs enrolled!
7 new chains added in 2012: YouFit, Goga Studios, Charter Fitness, 10 Fitness, Curves, Urban Active, The Rush
Successfully concluded 1st Annual Blue Chip Senior Challenge
received a total of 744 tracking logs.  (BCBSRI very pleased!)
Transitioned IFCN customer service to new vendor -
Complete Call Solutions
Q4 service levels: Oct.- 91.4%, Nov.- 98.2%, Dec.- 93.4%
Completed multiphase marketing outreach efforts to clubs “Openness is a good way to describe integration. Open to experience, able to tolerate more, and less prone to fall back on our defenses.” Came together as a TEAM
(Trusting, Enthusiastic, Amicable, Motivated) Operations 2013 Goals "Customer Intimacy Inside and Out" Operations 2013 Outcomes 85% Client Retention
Discipline in place to drive and measure improvements in Customer Loyalty with future impact to bottom-line
Standardized Preventure Product and Service Tool Box
Increase in client upsells Create Best Practice Framework to Drive Customer Loyalty
Implement a quantitative measure (the Net Promoter Score) for establishing a baseline for customer loyalty and effectively track changes going forward
Evaluate and redesign reporting model/ROI
Create and implement plan for scalable EM Model
Leverage expanded Operations infrastructure for client upsells Talent Management A formalized, strategic approach to managing our talent Preventure Talent Management Preventure Talent Management Preventure Talent Management We are in the process of creating the
pay and performance infrastructure
and processes to help our employees be
their best – and to reward them when they do Preventure Talent Management What have we done... Preventure Talent Management Over the next several months, you will see changes… What is it…

Talent Management begins at job definition and involves effective

Advancement How we started….
We recognize that we need a formal talent management strategy to help us
attract, retain and grow our talent

We also recognize that we
share a responsibility – with
you, our valued employees
– for helping you manage
your career at Preventure We have linked each Preventure job to market
We are changing the bonus program – with an eye to the future
We have conducted a focus group with certain employees to help us to prioritize next steps
We are embarking in change processes at every step of the talent management cycle – from job definition to recruiting to performance management A formalize pay structure with minimum, midpoint and maximum for each job
A career matrix that lets you see future opportunity
A bonus program that is linked directly to results
We intend to hone this over the next couple of years to have an individual component
A performance management system that links your results with pay increases
A recruiting process that keeps you in the loop when jobs become available
AND MOST IMPORTANTLY – Communication, Training and a dedicated Human Resources function to help us achieve our goals Fit for Life https://preventure.bepurewellness.com Get Intimate Contest 15 Minute Break Make sure you've handed your forms to Jill! Race to Customer Intimacy Meeting Wrap Up My nickname on my high school basketball team was "fast Eddy"
Rode a mechanical bull and ended up in the ER
My cat acomanies me every time I go to the bathroom
Slept in a prison in Stockholm for a week
I played the Disney Character "Goofy" in a school musical
I lost my front teeth prior to an interview
I make out with my dog
I was Junior Miss of Davidson County
I have a big tattoo on my right leg
I wont a contest and tiara for performing the best fake orgasm in front of a thousand women Sarah
Jenn Peters
(someone who didn't want to be known)
Guess Who!!!!!
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