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2nde School Year

No description

Virginie GRUNDY

on 1 September 2017

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Transcript of 2nde School Year

Let's get started!
TOPIC 1: Flatmates
Topic 2: Ellis Island
Find out about Ellis Island and the reasons for emigrating to the USA.
Create your character
Act out key moments in the immigration process
Write your story for a website dedicated to US Immigration
TOPIC 3: Horror Stories
TOPIC 4: Why do teenagers rebel?
TOPIC 5: Penguin Readers
Topic 6a: How do you see the future?
TOPIC 7: Gattaca

You will need:

three-ring binder, sheets of paper and sheet protectors
a dictionary
Internet connection and e.mail address

Meet someone and decide whether you can share a flat
Week 40 B1 assessment of the 4 skills (LRWS)

Cette année en anglais,
j'ai appris...
j'ai aimé...
j'aurais aimé...
You will also need motivation and energy!

Be aware of the 4 steps of the learning process:
...it's a long and difficult process!
Do not lose heart!
Read an extract from a vampire novel.
Prove your understanding by acting out the scene.
Write a horror story and take part in a short story competition.
Watch various extracts from classic film in English.
Produce a chat show about teenage issues.
Find out about the 50s in the USA and the birth of a new concept: teenagehood.
Read a book in English
Present it orally and talk about your reading habits
TOPIC 6b: New Orleans
Read an article by Isaac Isamov and find out about World's fairs.
Watch an extract from Wall.e
Imagine what the future might be like and write your own article.
Find out about Louisiana, New Orleans, Hurricane Katerina and Mardi Gras...
Learn how to describe a picture.
Choose a picture of New Orleans and write a commentary to win a photo contest.
Watch the movie Gattaca
Find out about "Designer Babies" and think about the pros and the cons.
Write a scene for a similar movie and act it out.
This year, we...
watched 2 films in English
read a book
read and studied extracts from novels, short stories...
studied and memorized a poem
watched videos, film extracts...
became familiar with a play by Shakespeare (The Winter's Tale or Hamlet)
described a picture or imagined the future...
had conversations with our partners
wrote and acted out sketches
wrote a horror story
made a book review
performed in a show (2E)
Think: how different is it to be a teenager in France in the 21st century?
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