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Blog Overview

No description

Marcus Mahlen

on 19 July 2013

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Transcript of Blog Overview

Use Blogs when you want to:
Blogs Provide:
Conversation - An interactive voice to an organization
What makes blogs effective?
How to Manage your blog:
Establish your foundation - Where will your blog be located/secured
''Blogs will change your business.''
-Business Week Cover Story, 2005
Educate and Market the business and its services.
Communicate high-trust content.
Provide conversations and additional reach.
Create brand recognition and value.
Build and drive more content through a community atmosphere.
Increase search visibility with a new website.
Blogs vs. Websites:
55% more visitors to blogs
97% more inbound links with blogs
Support - Provide help and assistance through various services
Survey Information - Quality information that the organization has accumulated
Education - Provide insight into key areas of the organization
Authority and Passion - Forming trust with the audience through online connectivity
New and other trending topics - What's topical in National/Regional headlines
Blogs vs. Websites:
55% more visitors to blogs
97% more inbound links with blogs
Blogs focus attention on an issue or concern
Blogs are free!
Blogs catch people at work, at their desks, and in the field where they are making decisions
Blogs have a voice of trust
Blogs improve the organizations image and customer relations
Brainstorm ideas - have numerous ideas for blog postings and 2-3 articles ready to publish at any time
Declare your audience - Know who the target market is that will receive your blog
Market and communicate - Connect your audience with the blog through other social media outlets, email, website. collateral materials, presentations and more
Benefits of a blog:
Implement an alternative medium to move your customer forward
Bring value to the customer's needs through directives, humor, and timely information
Provide brand recognition and customer input
Engage the customer so they continue to come back through various ways
Provide a genuine and conversational voice
Improve customer service as a trusted resource
Blogging breaks down barriers, fosters communication, encourages transparency and accountability, forces greater responsiveness and puts a face to the organizations.
-Blog!, David Kline and Dan Burnstein, 2005
Visit http://sd.gov/blogs.aspx
to follow any of the State of South Dakota agency blogs.
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