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Russia & the Caucasus

No description

Matt Maltsberger

on 25 March 2013

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Transcript of Russia & the Caucasus

Russia and the Caucasus What two continents meet in Russia's Ural Mountains?
Europe and Asia The Caucasus Mountains form a border between Russia and... Georgia and Azerbaijan Russia's capital and largest city... Moscow Siberia is best described as a vast area with a harsh climate Czar, Ivan IV was such a cruel and savage ruler he became known as Ivan the Terrible The radical Communist group that took over Russia in the Russian revolution was the Bolsheviks. Armenia
Only landlocked country in the Caucasus The vast forest that covers much of Russia is called the tiaga Which city is the primary seaport and fishing center in the Russian Far East? Vladivostok Azerbaijan's economy based on oil The vast area between the Ural Mountians and the Pacific Ocean is Siberia The Russian Far East includes the Kamchatka Peninsula The first country to adopt Christianity was Armenia Russia's most important farming area is the steppe The seas that border Russia and the Caucasus in the southwest are the Black Sea and the Caspian Sea Two czars who built Russia into a huge empire and world power were Peter the Great and Catherine the Great Russia's economic system is moving from a command economy to a market economy. Siberia's main industries are lumber, mining and oil production. Caspian Sea From the 20s to 1991, Armenia, Azerbaijan, and Georgia were part of the Soviet Union. Azerbijan is different from the other Caucasus republics in that it is a largely Muslim country The main religious faith of Russia is Orthodox Christianity About 75% of all Russians live in Cities The Volga is the longest river in Europe St. Petersburg with its wide avenues, grand palaces, and numerous canals, represents Russia's desire for Western ideas We are here! Ready to go to Russia? The Collapse of the Soviet Union, dissolving the Communist country returning to Russia.
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