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Jasper Jones- A Craig Silvey Novel

My English IV Prezi on my outside reading book, "Jasper Jones."

Lauren Holley

on 12 December 2012

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Transcript of Jasper Jones- A Craig Silvey Novel

An award-winning novel
by Craig Silvey Jasper Jones An In-Depth View Setting Corrigan, Australia Main
Characters Charlie Bucktin Plot One summer night, Charlie is reading "Pudd’nhead Wilson" by Mark Twain in his bedroom when all of a sudden he hears a knock on his window. It's Corrigan's outcast, Jasper Jones. Jasper desperately asks for Charlie's help. Charlie is afraid but joins Jasper to impress him. Jasper takes him to a secret think bush, where Charlie sees the unthinkable, a dead girl named Laura Wishart. Laura was Jasper's best friend. They make a pact not to tell anyone and return to town. Pretty soon, this secret is killing Charlie inside. He begins to see Corrigan in Jasper's point of view and has to deal with problem to help himself come of age. Main Conflict There is not just one, for there are several: Important Quotations "I'm excited but afraid. I long to turn and wedge myself through the horse's arse from which I've just fallen, to sit safe in the hot womb of my room. But this is Jasper Jones, and he has come to me." Recommendation:
Yay or Nay I would recommend this book. Not to EVERYONE, but to people who like adventure, who love a good mystery. a small fictional mining town
in Australia's Western region set in the year of 1965
during the Vietnam War Jeffrey Lu Narrator Charlie's Best Friend Jasper Jones the novel's point of view
unpopular 13 year old boy
intelligent and book-loving a 12 year old boy
a Vietnamese immigrant
a passionate cricket player a mixed-raced 14 year old boy
stereotyped and misunderstood
Corrigan's scapegoat The Rebellious One A Thief, Liar, Thug and Truant Racism-Prone The town of Corrigan dislikes Jeffrey because he is Vietnamese and Australia is in the Vietnam War. Charlie embarks on a complicated love relationship with Laura Wishart's sister, Eliza. Charlie's confrontational
relationship with his mother. The mystery behind Laura's death. This quote is said by Charlie in Chapter One, on page 2. It gives a small visual of the kind of person that Charlie is and who he wants to be; more like Jasper. "What would you rather mate? You want me to go to prison for nothing just so the Wisharts can say goodbye properly? I didn't plan this, did I? I'm just tryin to do the right thing without seeing myself strung up like that." This quote is said by Jasper in Chapter One on page 22. Although it is stated in the beginning of the novel, the quote is basically showing all of Jasper-his attitude, his rebellion, his independence-and is giving you a view to why he is the town of Corrigan's outcast. “I don't understand a thing about this world: about people, and why they do the things they do. The more I find out, the more I uncover, the more I know, the less I understand.” This quote is said by Charlie in Chapter Seven on page 246. This quote explains the evolution of Charlie throughout the book. After the discovery of Laura's body, Charlie's point of view on life begins to change, and this quote is the climax of his changes. I honestly don't relate to the first two quotes, but I do relate to the third one. There are a lot of times when I feel that way, especially when I am depressed. This is not a book that I would read again. I'm more into teen/adult romance fiction than mystery. And that's it!
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