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Blue Bottle Coffee

No description

Elizabeth Lopez

on 12 August 2015

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Transcript of Blue Bottle Coffee

The Blue Bottle team
Food & hospitality culture
Diverse group of baristas
Two employees worked on coffee farms
Diversity allows for more accommodations for different customers which increases hospitality.
Mission Statement
They will only sell coffee brewed less than 48 hours out of the roaster to the customers.
In order for the customer to enjoy coffee at its finest, the highest quality beans while being properly sourced will be used.
Provide a unique "home-felt" coffee experience using only the best beans following sustainable practices
Single-origin beans: know where their bean come from
Coffee grown in one place geographic origin (i.e. single farm, or a specific collection of beans from a single country)
Sell coffee less than 48 hours of roast
Responsibly sourced beans
Put it in compostable bags
Roast coffee on vintage gear
Old school honest small business values - bake cookies, type up invoices, get change at the bank

Building the Team
Graduated from UC Berkeley with a bachelors in English Language and Literature.
Work experience:
Barista for two years
Lead barista for five months
Retail manager for 11 months now at Webster St. Coffee Bar.
The Hiring process
Managers look for flexible and team-oriented employees.
Like coach McKeever -> not the most talented barista or most knowledgeable but the ones who will fit the team the best and are looking to grow
Look for passion
Those who true believe in company mission and core values
Have something unique to contribute to team
i.e .family of growers -> harvest own beans and have customers try
The Blue Bottle Experience

Employees are given autonomy to create a great coffee experience tailored to each customer.
Baristas are passionate and feel they have the freedom to create the best coffee experience for each client.
Customer satisfaction over cost/ raw materials -> Builds customer loyalty
Get to know customers
Give off good vibes and "home-felt experience"
Engage in conversation that speaks to customer interests
Establish a personal connection -> create "regulars"
Lets employees create the atmosphere -> choose the music, design their own service style
Organizational Commitment
& Cohesiveness
Close knit communist -> resembles family -> high cohesiveness
Strong similarities despite diversity in age, race, gender, etc.
Common core company values and passion for clean, honest coffee
Baritas hang out with each other outside of the workplace.
Ex: Celebrated employee's last day of work
Flying employees to different markets, maybe international.
They represent the company.
Covering shifts for one another in the event of sick leave.
Benefit of the doubt is given
Blue Bottle Coffee
Brought to you by Cool Beans
The Seed was planted
In 1683, Franz George Kolshitsky founded Central Europe's first coffee house (The Blue Bottle).
The bean sprouted
Owner James freeman was inspired by Franz George Kolshitsk
Founded the first Blue Bottle Coffee 319 years later in Oakland, California to honor Kolshitsky.
Philosophy: enjoy coffee at its peak of flavor while using only the finest, most delicious and responsibly sourced beans
Management: Adrian Ward
Core values

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Building Job Satisfaction
Psychological Empowerment
Autonomy Freedom to create unique experience
During Christmas time, the employees sold a "Barista Box."
It contains the barista's choice of three varieties of coffee beans.
The baristas are able to make independent decisions when a bad customer service situation arises.
They are encouraged to mitigate the situation at their discretion.
Perceived Organizational Support (POS)
Job enrichment
Clear communication with manager on individual career goals with proper training
Ward does his job well
There was not much any advice we can give to improve Ward's management of his staff.
He keeps clear authoritative lines while still maintaining a friendly open line of communication with staff
Employees feel empowered to be creative and have their own approach to service
As the company continues to expand, it is up to each individual manager to determine what is best for each location.
Problems and Solutions
Culture and Team Fit
An employee does not fit in with the vibe and culture
Adrian has a good feel for who grooves well with team
If he feels an employee is not a great fit for the team, he asks them to not cover anymore shifts from his store but keeps them in the company -> reaction not termination
Problem: Blurring of Organizational Hierarchy and Status
Maintaining friendship and authority
Some of Adrian's employees used to be his fellow coworkers and but now he is their manager.
Adrian walks a fine line between boss and friend he sets a clear distinction much like coach McKeever
Organizational Commitment
Free Autonomy
Unique Experince
More Coffee?
Two locations in Okaland->two very different teams, diverse in personality and service style
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