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How to Write an Exemplary Thesis Statement

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Randi Brady

on 13 August 2013

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Transcript of How to Write an Exemplary Thesis Statement

Your thesis should:
-Be a complete sentence
-Occur at the end of your introduction
The Basics
However, you also need to consider the effectiveness of the argument you're making.
Your thesis should use clear, strong language
Do NOT use first person. I know it is your opinion. Cross out all references to yourself.
Example: I believe that Odysseus should not be considered a hero because________.
Just say: Odysseus should not be considered a hero because ________.

Also avoid any phrases which may make you sound wishy-washy, insecure, or undecided.
Examples: "Most people think," "experts think," "most of the time," or "sometimes."

Remember - be strong and confident! It's okay if your reader disagrees with you!
Your thesis should construct an argument with which any (sane person) could conceivably disagree.
Make sure your thesis statement is neither too broad NOR too specific.
Don't name a topic that you could never cover in a short essay.
All high school classes should be reconstructed.

But on the other hand, don't give away all of your evidence too early!
Students should not wear uniforms because they stifle children's creativity, they are way too expensive, and they
What (sane) person would disagree with one of these arguments?
Kicking puppies is terrible and should be stopped.
Students should only go to school thirty days out of the year.

Make sure that your thesis is actually an argument though!
In this paper I will discuss the advantages and disadvantages of free speech.
In his article, Stanley Fish shows that we really don't have the right to free speech.
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