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Renaissance Architecture Project

No description

Ethan Kelly

on 7 February 2013

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Transcript of Renaissance Architecture Project

Architecture in the Renaissance Architecture and Math and Science Architecture and Art Conclusion Overall, architecture played a major role in the Renaissance and helping to start the Renaissance. Architecture was a statement telling people that humanism had begun and that human perfection had been inaugurated. Architecture changed because people wanted a fresh start, and if it hadn't changed our lives may be different than they are today. Introduction Architecture and Humanism Changes in Architecture The Renaissance contributed to the advancement of architecture in many different ways. Architecture before the Renaissance was mainly influenced by the Church and religion. During the Renaissance architecture became involved with science as well as art. Architecture during the Renaissance has helped played a vital role in how we think of architecture today. Some of the most important aspects of the Renaissance relating to architecture were humanism, art, math and science. Humanism completely changed the way people thought of paintings and buildings.
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