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Marketing plan

No description

Niclas Meyer

on 3 June 2014

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Transcript of Marketing plan

Marketing Plan
Lipton Power Tea

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Table of Contents
1. Strategic Marketing Plan
1.1. Megatrends and Needs
1.2. Product
1.3. Target Group Analysis
1.4. Market and Competitive Analysis
2. Tactical Marketing Plan
2.1. Objectives and Strategy
2.2. Branding Strategy and Positioning
2.3. Communication Strategy
3. Conclusion
4. Sources
Kotler, P. / Keller, K. L. (2006): Marketing Management, S.24, S.77-79
Zukunftsinstitut GmbH
Customer Needs
Health Awareness
New Work
Neo Ecology
Stated need: To quench one's thirst

Real need: A healthy and energyzing drink

Unstated need: Increase of performance

Delight need: Join the Lipton lifestyle and enjoy a positive and happy moment

Secret need: Customer wants to be seen as a health-conscious person
Kotler, P. / Keller, K. L (2006): Marketing Management, S.262
Lipton Power Tea
Tea based energy drink
Natural ingredients
No sugar, agave nectar
Guarana & additional vitamin B2

Selective Specialization:
Additional product positioned between ice teas and tea bag products

Consists of woman and men (60/40)
Spend more money for value added products
Values: health, sustainability, naturality
Busy life
Active, sportive, health-conscious
Gaining interest abouth healthy products
Young Professionals (20-30 years)
Middle- to upper income
Extended qualification
Pressure to perform, stressful life
LOHAS (25-40 years)
Less price sensitive
Sustainable life-style concerning all their behaviors
Kotler, P. / Keller, K. L. (2006) Marketing Management, S. 180-184
Bruhn, M. (2004): Marketing, S.207-210
Zukunftsinstitut GmbH
Target Group Analysis
Energy Drink Market (Germany)
472 M€ sales revenues in 2012
Fast growing (+18.3%)
Per capita consumption 5.3 L in 2012
Average age of customer: 27.7 years
Consumer range is getting broader
Expected market growth of 32% (Nielsen institute)

Entering a niche-market with high growth and profit potential
Manager Magazin
Axel Springer AG Marktanalyse Trendtopic
Market Overview
Findings from the Market Research
Growing interest and consciousness about health
Trend for 'no sugar' products
High need for a natural taste in connection with an energy push
50% of all women don't like Red Bulls taste
45% of all participants are interested in a healthy energy drink

Competition and learnings from the SWOT
High density of providers
Red Bull has a dominant position
Artificial taste


We will enter a Niche Market with only few providers

Low marketing efforts
Poor availability
Customers are willing to pay a premium price for a product that best satisfies their needs
- drink positive -
High quality
Healthy ingredients

Tactical Marketing Plan
Invest heavily in marketing to create brand awareness
Meaningful positioning
Become a key player in the niche market of healthy energy drinks
Differentiation strategy to gain competitive advantage
Product: Focus on quality and taste
Price: High price strategy
~1.49€ in supermarktes
Line extension in existing Lipton portfolio
Facilitates new product acceptance
Reduces risk (Consumer have positive experiences)
Create awareness 'only' for the new product but not for the brand
Customer Lifetime-Value
Branding Strategy
Brand Extension
Product Positioning
Brand Elements

Colour: bright yellow
Character: Hugh Jackman

Communication Strategy
Identify the Target Audience
Positive, optimistic feelings
'Looking on the bright side of life'
Refreshing and tasty
Healthy energy-push
Linked to our value proposition

Energy push
Increase of performance & concentration

Healthy energy drink
--> Natural ingredients &
vitamin B
--> No sugar
Great taste, not artificial

Relevant Distinctive Believable
Select Channels
Design the Communication
Determine the Communication Objectives
Determine the Communication Objective
we support your well-being and performance through real taste

Creative: continue with the 'drink positive' campaign with Hugh Jackman

Message Source: -Hugh Jackman-
Represents the values of the brand as positiveness, optimism, freshness, and vitality

Select Channels
Nonpersonal Communication Channels
Media: Magazines, Television
Events and Experiences: Tastings
Decide on Marketing Communication Mix
Decide on Marketing Communication Mix
Advertising (TV, Maganzines)
Amplified expressiveness (print, sound, color)
Events and Experiences

Most important communication tools in the awareness building stage.

Events and Experiences

Summer events
Open-Air concerts

Identify with lifestyle and meet the customer face to face
Create tasting-experience & evoke feelings
Design the Communication
Create product awareness
Satisfy incomplete customer needs
Fulfill the wish of a good tasting and refreshing engery drink
Change the awareness that an engery drink tastes artificial
Get the product listed in "cool" bars
Let as many customers as possible try the product

Sun, fun, summer, freshness
Tasty, healthy, refreshing
Optimism, dynamism, vitality
I drink it for an extra portion of power
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Needs and Expectations
Healthy energy push
Refreshing taste
Increase of performance & concentration
Availability of the product

Supermarktes and convenience stores
Drink retailers
Online retailers
Scene bars
Use existing network
Multi Channel Distribution Network

Promotion items for gastronomy
Brand Knowledge
Lipton represents brightness, vitality and fun with natural goodness
Positioned as health-caring, vibrant and active
'Lipton is painting the world yellow'

Brand Equity
Brand Essence
Energyzing refreshment

In careful selected magazines such as

Shape, Cosmopolitan,
Men's Health, GQ,
Manager Magazine

Fit best to
our main target

Statista - Das Statistik Portal, Zeitschriften mit der höchsten männlichen Leserquote
Statista - Das Statistik Portal, Top 15 der monatlichen Frauenzeitschriften

Product launch in March for the upcoming outdoor season
Integrated campaign:
Promotion in TV & Print
Tastings on Open-Air events starting in May

Launch & Promotion
Brand Equity Model
- Brand Resonance Pyramid -

>> Lipton Power Tea

Detection of a market need for a tasty energy drink
Creation of an energyzing lifestyle drink (Value Proposition)
Marketing promotions designed to meet our target group
Positive future outlook through market growth expectations (Nielsen)

Future Outlook
Expansion to international markets
Product extensions
Kotler, P. / Keller, K. L (2006): Marketing Management, S. 469ff
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