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Which Brand of Paper Towel Absorbs the Most Liquid?

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rachel nieters

on 2 May 2014

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Transcript of Which Brand of Paper Towel Absorbs the Most Liquid?

The problem is : Trying to figure out which paper towel is the most absorbent. I used 5 different brands, which are Bounty, Viva, Sparkle, Brawny, and the generic brand.

I did most of my research online. I found that many of the people that did the same project as me said that Bounty was the most absorbent paper towel. Also, I gained information from paper towel commercials.
2 boxes
cup of water
paper and pencil to record data
5 brands of paper towels
If I test 5 different paper towel brands on their absorbency, then I predict that Bounty will absorb the most liquid because according to my research, many people who have done this project stated that Bounty absorbed the most liquid.
IV- Different brands of paper towels

DV- The amount of water that was in the dropper

Constant- The amount of sheets of paper towel and the same liquid
Which Brand of Paper Towel Absorbs the Most Liquid?
By Rachel Nieters

1. I set up everything on a table.
2. I taped one paper towel brand at a time onto the 2 boxes
3. I poured 1/8 of a tsp on the paper towel at a time until it leaked into the bowl below it.
4. I recorded all of my results on a piece of paper.
5. I repeated steps 2-4 for all the brands of paper towels.
6. I cleaned up my mess.
No safety measures were required.
Qualitative data-
The generic brand was not strong- the water made the towel have a rip in it
Viva has a very soft material
Bounty, Brawny, and Sparkle have a textured design
Quantitative data-
Sparkle had the biggest paper towel, measuring at 26.5 cm for width and 28 cm for height
1/8 tsp was poured on each paper towel at a time
Bounty held 2.5 tsp of water, making it the most absorbent out of the 5 paper towel brands
The purpose of this experiment
was to find out which paper towel
brand absorbed the most water. My hypothesis was that Bounty would absorb the most, and I was correct. This is because Bounty absorbed 2.5 tsp of water which is four rimes more water than the other brands. The data proves that Bounty is the strongest paper towel and the Sparkle paper towel brand is the weakest paper towel. One thing that I could have done differently in my experiment is use another way of soaking up the water with the paper towels. One way I could expand my experiment is to use different liquids, including tea, coffee, milk, soda, etc... I would use different liquids because I would be able to tell how different paper towel brands react to different liquids.
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Research, Continued
Another thing that I researched was the popularity among the paper towel brands. A recent survey discovered that more families in America use Bounty than any other brand. Three types of Bounty Paper Towels were in first through third place for being the most popular brand, with Viva Paper Towels running in fourth place.
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