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English oral presentasjon

Zara Meheri

on 25 January 2013

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Transcript of India

Welcome to world Introducing India India Population: 1,2 billion
Official language: English and Hindu
Religion: Hinduism, Buddhism, Jainism and Sikhism.
Borders to: China, Pakistan, Bangladesh, Nepal and Bhutan
Climate: dry and warm. History Mahatma Gandhi One man - big leader Gave people hope and courage
Against violent
Showed resistance to the English-men
Got locked up in jail for his actions 200 years ago: India divided into
500 small kingdoms
Ruled by the English Empire for 250 years
Fought for their freedom Born 2 October 1869
Known for his non-violent methods. Economics and Industry One of world's most powerful economy
Growing manufacture in food industry and computer industry
Import to Europe, USA and Japan
13% child labor Indian version of Hollywood
Lays in Mumbai
Over 1000 movies each year
Musical, love and romance
Famous worldwide Bollywood Aishwarya Ray http://no.wikipedia.org/wiki/India

http://www.all-about-india.com/images/population-of-India.jpg Sources: One of Bollywood most known actor
Miss world in 1994 1888: Gandhi became a solicitor
1893: Gandhi travels to South-Africa 1914: school in Ahmadabad
1919: takes action and shows resistance Have done a lot for India
30. January 1948 -> Gandhi got killed by
a Hindu nationalist Agriculture Rice
Tea -> important part of Indian culture Conclusion Made by Linn, Frida, Mia and Zara Population growth Population today: 1.2 billion -> 17% of world's population
Population 2050: 1.6 billion -> world's most populated country
93 millions Indians live in the slum
Death every year: 900 000 Cause of death: poor access to clean water
unsafe tenancy
bad house conditions
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