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Georgia's Natural Resources

Social Studies

Halley Henderson

on 23 May 2011

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Transcript of Georgia's Natural Resources

Marble is primarily found in Gilmer, Hall, and Pickens counties. It is used for monuments, buildings, interior decorations, & also sculptures. You can also crush marble and use it for things like flooring, lime, and products such as paint, plastic & chewing gum. Marble from Georgia was used in the Lincoln Memorial in Washington D.C. Marble! Georgia's Natural Resources! Granite! Granite is mainly found in Elbert and DeKalb counties. It is usually used for buildings, monuments, paving blocks, & curbs. When it is crushed, it is used in concrete. Talc is found in Murray County and other parts of northern Georgia. It is used in roofing materials, cosmetics, pencils, paper, paint, rubber, & insecticides. Talc! Gold! Gold is found in Dahlonega or Lumpkin county. It is used in Jewelry, electrical uses, and it also covers Georgia's dome. Quartzite! Quartzite is found in Augusta or Richmond county. It is used in landscaping, decorative sto0nes, road material, & industrial sand. Feldspar Feldspar is found in Jasper and Greene County. it is used in ceramics, soaps, scouring powders, and electrical insulations. Pine Trees! Pine trees provide pulp and paper to Georgia. There are still some naval stores in Georgia today. Kaolin! Kaolin is one of our largest natural resources in Georgia. It is usually found in the northeast and southwest parts of Georgia. It is used as a paper coater and a filler in items like plastic and rubber by: Halley Henderson
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