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my life #throughglass

A Google Glass Explorer's Photo Journal (best viewed in full screen)

Gabrielle Carels

on 14 October 2014

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Transcript of my life #throughglass


my life
Gabrielle Carels
Google Glass Explorer
Prezi Ambassador 2012-13
University of Michigan '14

What is it?
Google Glass
is the first highly marketable wearable computer with an optical head-mounted display. This hands-free voice activated device can take photos, record videos, send texts, video chat, make calls, search the internet, give visual directions, take notes, access apps and the list goes on.

How does it work?
The camera, display, microphone, battery and touchpad are built right into the spectacle frames. Glass can be operated hands-free with voice commands ("Okay Glass, take a picture") or by tapping the side touchpad.
What's a Glass Explorer?
In Spring 2013, Google choose 8,000 lucky winners from the #ifihadglass contest to join the Glass Explorers program (check out my winning application below).

Now that you know a bit about Google Glass, I invite you to see my most memorable experiences as a Glass Explorer!
Picking up my Glass in San Francisco. Here, I met my Glass Guide, picked out my color, and learned the ropes!
Visiting Prezi's
San Francisco Office
Some of the Prezi team #throughglass
My first videos
The 40th International
Computer Graphics
Interactive Techniques
But my other main uses for Glass include GPS directions, catching up on the latest news, and looking up new recipes!

Digitally painted portrait by artist Jeremy Sutton using Leap Motion
A favorite experience using Glass at SIGGRAPH was interacting with the
AquaTop display system
and being able to record the experience
As you see in the video, AquaTop projection system uses white water as a screen surface.

Underneath the water is a depth camera which senses fingers on or near the water's surface and allows users to interact with the projected images by scooping or touching the water.
Pretty cool!

Northern Michigan
University of Michigan's Hackathon
Startup Trek
I had a ton of fun capturing the sights and sounds of summer without living through the screen of my cell phone. Having Glass lets you get technology out of the way so you can enjoy the moment.
a photo journal

The largest student hackathon in the world. Over 1,200 top university programmers from 100 universities converged in Ann Arbor for an epic weekend. Over the 36 hours of coding, student teams built projects from scratch to full viable prototypes.
During Fall Break, I traveled to NYC with a group of 25 U of M students to engage in a 2-day trek across Manhattan where we visited the offices of Tumblr, Yahoo, HookLogic, Next Big Sound, Google, and Grind Space. It was awesome to experience the innovative culture that brings these startups to life and makes them successful.

Apple pie with rosettes was a success!
Below are some snaps of the city #throughglass
As beta testers, we are helping to shape the future of Glass and wearable technology!
- July 2013
As you can see, I'm a big fan of taking hands-free photos and videos.
Random Moments #throughglass

Songs: "Lovers' Carvings" by Bibio
"Go Do" by Jonsi

As a Glass Explorer at the forefront

of this new technology, I see incredible opportunities in all aspects of our society. From health, to education, to personal development, Google Glass heightens our level of engagement. With Glass, the convergence of technology and art creates new ways to learn, record, and share our ideas in a spontaneous and powerful way.

To stay updated on my journey with Glass, click the link below and follow me on Google+

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