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Manu Joshi

on 29 September 2011

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Transcript of PATCS

Anma Testing and Consultancy Services Reduce the TRASH concept target is
MTK MMI Testing techniques, tools, process looks like cheese cake Hit And............. Miss :( All these miss hits are TRASH Wastage of efforts
Increase cost
Lowers quality We have to remove this TRASH Here comes ANMA in picture to reduce
TRASH One time and evry time Why Team Manu Joshi started ANMA in 2008 (Mediatek Alumni) Ankita Sharma joined as BDM in 2008 Extensive
mobile phone testing experience in
Mediatek Anshul Sharma
Independent Director 8 years of
industry experience in
software testing provide complete
software testing solutions What we offer Focus areas placement Manual testing
Mobile phone testing focus
areas How Anma PILL Ingredients ? ANMA's past experience of MMI Domain
ANMA's knowledge of tools
ANMA's deep understanding of BUGS areas output the formula took many years of Mobile phone testing to evolve take ANMA pill and Why ANMA MMI knowledge Tools and process knowledge On time delivery Technology Vision The real definition of our business is the contribution we make in achieving our client’s business objectives and dreams Corporate training Team with expertise in Mobile Phone testing Provide customized trainings to companies We teach at your workplace Provide hands on experience Market summary Software testing market is estimated to produce 16,000-18,000 job vacancies in next 1 year

India is second largest market of Mobile Phones just after China Consultancy providing the right person at right place provide resource on time provide trained resource ANMA creates bonding with students and provide after placement service to students training Consultancy Aims to emerge as Premium Software Testing Consultancy organization by offering value added services to our clients.
Conduct business which serves as benchmark
Become the preferred business partner
Unmatched Customer Satisfaction
Fulfill all the trainings and resource needs of clients Goals Manual testing
Automation testing
Mobile phone testing Thanks Accomplishments Complete testing team setup for Total IT Solutions
Corporate training for Automation testing tools for same
Placing candidates in Local Indian handset brands
Placing candidates in some Tear 1 companies.
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