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hunter's worth

originally created by ida,fina,tahirah,fatin,ina

Fatin Najwa Mohd Hata

on 28 April 2013

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Transcript of hunter's worth

INTRODUCTION Hunter worth-New York Manufacturer-based multinational toy
Chuck More
-Sales manager
-Confident the company will be the best in that year
at expo-a toy-cuddly, high tech.
demand exceed the product expectation
contact supplier Q2(a) : MAIN PURPOSE OF CHUCKS COMMUNICATION Vicente:
plant manager
status of latest ordered
production schedule for pending orders
the reason of delay shipment

executive vice president for sales and marketing
the opinion how to "light a fire under" Vicente
to tell about his current situation
to help him overcome the problems SITI SHAHIDA BINTI YAAKOB (1226778)
CASE STUDY PROBLEM DEFINITION Communication between 2 managers in different department of the company due to:
lack of understanding of cultural differences
lack of interdepartmental coordination
Causes of miscommunication:
different expectations
delay of shipments Q1(a) : Difference detect in cultural attitude toward communication Mexico: directly communication is needed during urgent problem
U.S: communication is done in any available method
full feedback is important Q1(b) : Is understanding these differences is important? extremely important
communication can easily break down
culture differences can add more challenge
success or failure of a business depend how organization communicate Q2(b) : FACTORS SHOULD CONSIDRED WHEN CHOOSING A CHANNEL FOR HIS COMMUNICATION Vicente :
cultural differences
level of position-horizontal coordination
selecting type of message Q3(a) : IF YOU WERE CHUCK, WHAT WOULD YOU HAVE DONE DIFFERENTLY? discuss alternatives to solve the problem share thoughts and opinions on both sides choose the best alternatives or refer directly to upper-level management Try to understand the problem; listening to what other party has has to say Get to know current situation in Mexico Immediately contact Vicent Ruiz via video conferencing (face-to-face Communication) Q3(b) : STEPS TO MAKE SURE THE SUPPLY OF THE POPULAR NEW TOY IS SUFFICIENT Non-Programmed Decisions to call Vicente back;
asking for his apologize take whatever amount that already completed request Vicente;
ship all toys available Non-routine message fast feedback select a right communication channel Sato :
different factors to consider
level of position-vertical coordination
select type of message Routine message Direct message Select a right communication channel MAIN PRIORITY:
Customer Receive Toys CONCLUSION manager needs to understand the situations.
Appropriate communication channel is an essential
manager must be able to communicate a vision of a better future
Effective manager must do their best to determine the facts on current situation and tell the truth to customers as soon as possible.
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