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Soap Making Class

presentation on how to make soap

Pina Patel

on 8 November 2012

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Transcript of Soap Making Class

How to Make Soap WaterStep Now the Waiting Providing a thirsty world with safe water
Well Repair Tools and Training
Health and Hygiene Training
SOAP MAKING!!!! 1.5 million children each year or 3 children every minute die due to diarrhea disease
improving health & hygiene can reduce cases of diarrhea by 45%
Facts about Health and Hygiene SAFETY! SAFETY! SAFETY
(or else use face masks)
1. Determine size of box
2. Determine the ingredients you are going to use
3. Use Lye Calculator to determine how much H2O and Lye to use for your recipe. Steps to making soap 4. Measure amount Sodium Hydroxide
5. Measure amount of Water
6. Measure amount of solid oils
7. Melt solid oils
8. Add liquid oils
9. Temperature of Lye solution and Oil Mixture should be approximately the same (equal to 110F)
10. Add lye solution to Oil Mixture
11. Stir by hand or use immersion (stick) blender
12. Mixture will get to point where they no longer separate (called reaching trace)
13. Pour soap into mold more steps Wrap the box with towels/blankets so it is nice & warm
wait 2 days to cut soap
wait approximately 3 weeks
to use soap Pour the NaOH into the H2O LET'S
MAKE SOAP our recipe
4.3 oz coconut oil
3.6 oz palm oil
4 oz sunflower oil
2.5 oz olive oil 5.5 oz H2O
2.1 oz NaOH information from the World Health Organization references
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