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Working your Network

No description

Page Tisdale

on 18 July 2015

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Transcript of Working your Network

Working your network
Don't be aggressive, do be assertive
Do use
eye contact
when speaking, it demonstrates respect and sense of confidence
fully engaged
when attending events such as information sessions, workshops and site visits.

cell phones and close laptops.
Give your full attention to person with whom you are speaking .
Understanding Etiquette in Networking Situations
Introduce yourself - establish rapport.

Ask questions - people love to talk about themselves and most everyone loves to help students!
Consider everyone you know a potential path to help you network...
Have an elevator pitch ready.
Be polite and impressive
Social Tips for Networking
No Nos of Networking
Be a good listener, but also ask some engaging questions
Don't be a time hog.
Don't be negative
Don't talk about anything inappropriate
But be careful....
Networking is a great way to stay in touch with an industry and to grow contacts in that field.
It is a way for potential employers to see who you are!
Regardless of career field, most jobs are still found through networking and referrals
It can help you make good choices
Be remembered positively for a meaningful conversation, not negatively for how you would not leave.

When do you know a conversation has run its course? The second you think to yourself “what should I say next?”
Ask for a business card in social situations
Don't be afraid to...
Using Social Networking Effectively
Over 16,000 Alumni will support you if you give them a reason!
Reason #1001 to start networking early...
A good example of working your network-
Attend a Linkedin Workshop to learn how to use your network to get HIRED like this recent grad.
These groups will help you learn more about what alumni are doing. Use them to learn, connect, and network.
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