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Surrealism & Dada - Rene Magritte

No description

Georgia Page

on 10 June 2011

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Transcript of Surrealism & Dada - Rene Magritte

Surrealism & Dada outrageous fantastic shocking Timeline
1896 - February 18th - Andre Breton is Born
1898 – Rene Magritte is born on November 21 in Lessines
1910 - Dada & Surrealist art Movement begins
1914 - World War I begins
1914 – enrols as a pupil at Academy of Fine Arts in Brussels
1918 - World War I Ends
1924 - Surrealism Officially Begins
1924 - Andre' Breton Publishes Manifesto of Surrealism
1926 - Rene paints his first surrealist work, "Le Jockey Perdu", and produces various advertising drawings.
1927 - First exhibition in Brussels. Magritte exhibits 61 of his works at the gallery Le Centaure, Brussels. Meets the writer Louis Scutenaire. René and Georgette move to Perreux-sur-Marne near Paris. They make friends with Miró, Eluard, Breton and Arp
1936 - Museum of Modern Art in New York provide "Fantastic Art - Dada & Surrealism"
1937 - Magritte paints large canvasses for Edward James in London. He gives a speech at the London Gallery
1939 - Rene Paints Time Transfixed using oil on a canvas
1966 - September 28th - Andre Breton Died
1967 – 15th August Rene Magritte Died Times Transfixed Title of Artwork: Times Transfixed
Artist: Rene Magritte
Date: 1939
What is the artwork: Painting on canvas
Medium: Oil paint
Size: 147 cm × 98.7 cm (Art Institute of Chicago , 2004) Title of Artwork: Le Jockey Perdu
Artist: Rene Magritte
Date: 1926
What is the Artwork: Painting and collage
Medium: gouache, collage, and pen and ink
Size: Title of Artwork: The Lost Jockey
Artist: Rene Magritte
Date: 1948
What is the Artwork: Painting
Medium: Oil Paint
Size: 64.8 x 50.5 cm Title of Artwork: Jokey
Artist: Rene Magritte
Date: 1940
What is the Artwork: Paint
Medium: Gouache Paper
Size: " A dream that is not interpreted is like a letter that is not opened" Famous quote from Freud Dada & Surrealist art movement began 1920 and ended with the death of Andre' Breton World War I began in 1914 and ended in 1918, This had a huge impact on the art that was produced Surrealism officially began in 1924 Andre Breton Published Manifesto of Surrealism Surrealist artists were reacting against the "reason" that led Europe into devastation of World War I. The Epicentre of this art movement first began in Paris Salvador Dali, wanted to get the statement across that his work was: Major Members Andre Breton
Max Ernst
Salvador Dali
Roberta Matta
Rene Magritte
Yves Tanguy
Man Ray
Dorothea Tanning In 1939, The Museum of Modern Art in New York provided and exhibition entitled Fantastic Art - Dada & Surrealism Rene Magritte
21st November 1898 - 15th August 1987 Within his life he always enjoyed art and in 1914 he enrolled as a pupil at Academy of Fine Arts in Brussels Magritte was a surrealist artist that created many work of art - specialised in collages & Oil Paints In 1926 he sold his first Surrealist piece of work called "Le Joekey Perdu" Collage Oil Painting Gouache Paper Thank-You :)
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