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1883 Krakatoa Eruption

No description

Rylee Bolton

on 7 December 2012

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Transcript of 1883 Krakatoa Eruption

By Rylee Bolton 1883 Krakatoa Eruption Krakatoa's Eruption happened in... Krakatau Archipelago When did it happen? The eruption of Krakatoa happen on August 26, 1883. This is the picture of the disaster of the eruption of Krakatoa! Disaster of Krakatoa What causes a volcano to erupt? The buoyancy and pressure of gas within the earth's crust causes a volcano to erupt. How did this disaster affect people living in the region? Disaster up to 88% off disaster. 6.102 South, 105.423 East How much did damages and clean up cost? It cost about $1.5 billion How many people died? About 36,000 people How many homes and businesses were ruined? 165 villages were destroyed and 132 villages were damaged. How long did it take to rebuild or are they still rebuilding? No one could rebuild because everything was demolished. How strong was the volcano? It was heard 3,000 miles away (4,800km). Half of Krakatoa got destroyed and a little island is forming by Krakatoa. A damage of Krakatoa! What can people do to prepare for this damage? 1)Learn the most likely places in your area for pyroclastic flows. Pyroclastic means a flow of a fast-moving current of hot gas and rock which reaches speeds moving away from a volcano of up to 700km (450mph). 2)Avoid crossing bridges that could be swept away in a fast-moving mudflow. 3)If a near by volcano shows signs of erupting, stay away from it. How can a website be considered credible? A website can be considered credible because they were updated recently and had .com at the end of all of them. These are some websites I used! 1)Google.com
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