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Hollie Gordon

No description

Steven Dampier

on 25 November 2015

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Transcript of Hollie Gordon

My organisation is helps when giving care to individuals with disabilities. the organisation specialises in many different aspects that will help with the individuals care. thees things are;
working in partnership
Multi agency working
working in partnership with adults using the services, families and informal carers
decision making processes and forums
staff training and induction
role of care quality commission
what we mean as working in partnership and who we work with?
working in partnership is when more than one organsation work together to help benefit the individuals care and needs. within Freedom we work with other organisations.

how working in partnership benefits our organisation.
working in partnership benefits our organisation, this is because this enables our staff to be able to help the individuals within our care. this helps us care for the individual because this heps us work alongside other organsations that have worked with them before.

This benefits the individuals who are in our care because we are able to give them maximum care standards. We can do this because we are able to work with other organisations who can bring together different effective knowledge, skills and strengths that can help those individuals. This enables us be able to help the individuals in our care because we can have a second opinion on the care of the indiviudal.
working in partnership with adults using the services, families and informal carers

what do we mean by Decision making processes and forums:

Decision making processes and forums is when organisations and agencies to help eachother with an individuals care. everyone should be involed and have imput and by having decision making processes and forums this can happen.

For Disabled Individuals...

By Hollie Gordon
what we mean by multi- agency working and who we work with:
multi-agencies working is when organisations works with more than one agencies to help benefit the individuals. when working together the agencies help provide the advice for the other agencies to help benefit the service user.

For example; an individual at freedom is very scared and anxious of having his medication te agencies can work together and provide each other with techniques To help get him to feel happy about taking his mediication. this in turn will benefit the service user.
For Example: At Freedom we work along side other professionals and organisation such as General Practitioners, how we work along side this professional is that we make sure that we know they individuals medical information so we know how we can help the individual who is in our care., This example is working within partnership.
Working in partnership with adults using the services, families and informal carers, this is where the staff at Freedom work alongside the family of the service users. Sometime Freedom can work alongside Social Workers within a few situation however this is just to help the family and the service users at freedom.
within freedom we will use this because for example; if an individual using our service is acting out or seeming down we can talk to the family about the difference in behaviour so we can work together to make sure this is resolved or if there was an issue at home or at freedom.
for example; a service user at freedom perfers not to join in with the tthe arts and crafts activity. the staff then can all come together and make sure that the service usuers isnt in the arts and crafts and can have a new activity for him to do when arts and crafts are on.
what we mean by Staff training and induction:
Staff should all be trained and have an induction to our organisation so as an organisation we provide the best care for our service users and the induction helps the new staff to get to know the service users and how the service works.
for example; if a service users has been a victim of physical abuse the staff will be trained to see the indicators of the abuse like bruises and cuts then they can help the service user and report the abuse.
what we mean by role of care quality commission:
role of the care comission is there to make sure that everyone at Freedom is getting the correct standard of care and all of the individuals that are using our service are happy.
for example; within freedom we welcome our checks from the care quality commisson, this is a positive because they can talk to our service users and families to see what they love about our service and what could be improved so we can continuing giving our service users at freedom the best care.
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