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Emirates & the Czech Republic

Description of the carrier Emirates and its this year's introduction to the Czech market

Tomas Vorel

on 20 December 2010

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Transcript of Emirates & the Czech Republic

Emirates Swot 4P Direct Marketing Czech rep Emirates in CZE Conclusion founded in 1985 with two planes, backed by royal family
one of the biggest in the world
109 destinations, 62 countries, 6 continents 153 airplanes
Boeing 777 and the newest 787
Airbus superjumbo 380 Fly Emirates. Keep Discovering
Fly Emirates. To over Six Continents
Emirates. The Finest in the Sky
Be Good to yourself. Fly Emirate
Quality Sponsorship & partnership over 400 rewards • Unique geographical position
• Backed by royal family
• Low tax regime
• Generous government environment
• Connection with the state, and other state-owned companies
• New Dubai airport
• Solid size
• Low operational costs
Higher price of services
Has both Boeings and Airbuses – higher maintenances costs
Question of doing business fairly (legally) – bad reputation
Is not a five-star carrier in Skytrax Increasing of airplanes
Opting out the European hubs
Penetration in growing markets Strengths Weaknesses Opportunities Threats Political instability of the Middle East
Growing Qatar Airways and Abu Dhabi-based Etihad Airways
Accusations of illegal and unfair operations in Dubai
Fierce competition in the market (Singapore Airlines) Product



Promotion Excellent quality
Long-distance flights Similar to competitors
Above average for Czechs Prevailingly online
Hub and centre in Dubai Nearly 3% of turnover goes to advertising
Associated with sport and cultural events Loyalty program dubai visa services
chauffeured transport
special meals
fast Track at the airport
stop-over packages in Dubai Pestel Stable situation as in the whole region
Average amount of corruption
Schenghen country Political Economical Developed high-income economy
GDP per capita is 87% of EU
GDP growth again after crisis
Current government is right-wing with free-trade policies
Increasing trade with asia Huge environmental drive in the recent past (renewable sources)
Huge tendency to separate waste,… Environmental Legal Easy to start-up a company
Incetives for foreign companies that provide big amount of job positions
Airport is state-owned, however offers incentives for long-distance carriers (because of their rarity) Strong middle class
Culture of travelers, however mostly just domestically
People prefer lower price then higher quality, however this is changing now Social Technological High fast-internet penetration
Developed e-payments and credit card culture
Prague airport have gone through huge renovation between 2003-2007 and is very modern Ruzyne Prague airport over 12 mil passengers
growing Prague's airport
few long-distance operators Emirates daily return flight with 270 passengers
cargo of 15 tonnes fully used well timed entry to the market
unique position of connector with Asia
luxurious image in CZE
lack of brand knowledge Tomas Vorel
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