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Beijing Olympics 2008

china project Pd. 5/6

Austin Reynolds

on 27 April 2010

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Transcript of Beijing Olympics 2008

Beijing Olympics 2008 By: Austin Reynolds Chinese Excitement Volunteers Ceremonies Chinese Olympiads $Cost$ The Olympic Stadium, also known as "The Birds Nest," cost an estimated 496 million dollars. Many Chinese people offered their time to volenteer with the set up. 132 New olympic records were set (not all from chinese athletes) China itself had 639 of the 11,028 athletes 43 New world records set Many tradional ceremonies were celebrated before the events started. Many Chinese Volenteers offerd their time to do such jobs as set up hurdles, provide towles to athletes, and clean up trash. Impact The Beijing olympics had a hugh impact
on China. It brought back a lot of pride to
the people of China. They became more
involved in the community. If the Olympics were not hosted in Beijing there would be a difference in the world. China wouldn't have had all the medias attencion. A lot of money was brought in from the olympics and this is always a major benefit. The Olympics also re-energized the nationalism in the people.If the olympics never came to Beijing they would have had to come up with an alternate like a compition between all Chinese athletes. The End
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