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No description

Tomika Anderson

on 17 August 2012

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Transcript of VSP

volunteers - philanthropy
a deliberate affection for mankind, shown in contributions of money, property, or work for the benefit of others. Philanthropy:
treasure 1) Volunteers build organizational strength
2) Volunteers have unique credibility; volunteering is a personal choice, not a job
3) Using volunteers extends the resources of an organization Why have volunteers? Sense of giving back
Express values in activities and projects that are meaningful
Increase knowledge and learn new skills through networking
Insider's knowledge of the organization
Enhance career and gain perspective by building relationships with new contacts (cc) image by nuonsolarteam on Flickr Match the job to the volunteer
Clearly define expectations
Provide appropriate training and information
Assure appropriate follow-up
Thank and recognize volunteers Tomika Anderson, Volunteer Coordinator Skills-Based:
A volunteer task in which the individual serving uses the same skills that they use in their occupation Roles
Evaluation Process Request • Volunteer position title
• Major objectives of position
• Major responsibilities of role
• Qualifications needed to perform role
• Training and preparation
• Time requirements and location
• Length of commitment
• Benefits to the volunteers
• Amount of supervision required
• Name of supervisor Recruitment webform
staff/volunteer recommendations
formal volunteer descriptions Screening initial screening
in-person interview
phone/skype interview Selection volunteer position offer letter
scope/participation agreement Duration background in Public Administration,
Nonprofit Management, and Leadership Program Update January:
118 webform inquiries
20 + personal inquiries
2 submissions February:
102 webform inquiries
20 + personal inquiries
8 submissions
25 summer inquiries Programs:
design open mic
web team
students rebuild
volunteer services
open architecture challenge
football for hope
design Current Volunteers:
16 new in 2012
six carried over from 2011
total = 20 On-site:
South Africa 62.8 million 8.1 billion $173 billion track hours
track tasks and their work
representatives of the organization
@architectureforhumanity.org Evaluation mid-term/end-of-term surveys
communication is key Roles volunteer coordinator
staff 2300 volunteer hours 287.5 hours per week 7.2 full-time staff (40 hours per week) $395,312.50 saved Needs Assesment timeframe
ability to supervise
experience/educational aspect
existing volunteers
space/equipment Recognition Friday lunches
February volutneer picnic
March meet and greet
April baseball game
Spring "volunteering" outing include volunteers throughout the day
let volunteers know about out-of-office activites
take time to learn about volunteer projects/background
during holidays, consider inviting on out-of town volunteer to join your family/friends
if you see new faces, say hello! Questions? Guidelines for
working with volunteers What do Volunteers Receive?
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