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Roles of the SS and the Gestapo

By: Aaryn Shawley and Nick West

Aaryn Shawley

on 16 October 2012

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Transcript of Roles of the SS and the Gestapo

The Roles of the SS and the Gestapo By: Aaryn Shawley and Nick West -Germany's special security force Who were the SS? -Hitler's personal guard What does SS stand for? -Schutzstaffel -In English this means "protective squad" -Heinrich Himmler led the SS -Hitler created the SS in April, 1925 Himmler -Were similar to SA (Sturm Abteilung, Another branch of the Nazi party led by Ernst Roehm) -Started off with 280 members Gaining Power of the Gestapo -The only changes are; a black hat with a silver death’s head badge, and a black tie. SS Uniforms... - When the Nazi party gained power in 1933, the SS grew to about 52,000 members - In 1936, Himmler gained power of the Gestapo Waffen SS -Himmler created the Waffen SS in 1940 -In June of 1944, the SS had a total of 800,000 members. 200,000 as Hitler’s body guard, 594,000 in the Waffen, and 240,000 in the Death Head Unit. - This grew rapidly at 150,000 men in just 6 months. The Nuremberg War Crimes Trial -Large numbers of SS leaders were executed when the SS was declared a criminal organization during the Nuremberg War Crimes Trial -Cordell Hull, Anthony Eden, and Vyacheslav Molotov, signed a declaration on November 1st, 1943 warning the Allies that they were determined to bring justice to German officers and men and members of the Nazi Party who have been responsible for atrocities, massacres and executions. -The people that were tried in the trial were tried for crimes against peach (planning and making war), war crimes (responsibilities for crime during the war), crimes against humanity (racial persecution), and conspiracy to commit other crimes Nuremberg War Trial - Their job was to organize the Holocaust and kill Jews The Gestapo - Organized in 1933 after the Nazis seized power in Germany -They were used as a police force to round up the Jews -The Gestapo were in charge of the Jews that were put in the ghetto(s). The Gestapo also put Jews in concentration and death camps. -They used many torture techniques such as, putting them into gas chambers. -When the war ended, only a handful of Gestapo leaders were caught. Current Day... Something similar to the SS today would be the Secret Service by protecting their leader Something similar to the Gestapo is the police force we have today (Minus the torture techniques)
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