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No description

Carolina Valencia

on 3 April 2013

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Transcript of Dracula

Bram Stoker Mina meets Dracula and talks to him without knowing his intentions. Lucy invites Dracula to her house. Mina and Lucy discover the strange ship that is supposed to bring Jonathan back, but then they are informed that everybody from that trip, is dead. One night, Lucy is attacked by Dracula in her own bedroom, he drinks her blood and she dies. On the other side, in England, Arthur Holmwood and Lucy Westenra get marry. Jonathan discovers Dracula's secret, and he is attacked by Count drinking his blood. Jonathan Harker travels to
Transylvania to meet Count Dracula. Dracula
Timeline Main Characters Count Dracula He is the main character of this novel who lives in Transylvania. Dracula has the capacity of changing his physical appearance such as a bat, a bird, etc. and he takes the blood of others to live and to feed his evil soul. Mina Murray Harker She is the Jhonathan Harker's girlfriend, in the novel she is described as to be very femenine and intelligent; she seems to be very tender; also, Mina is the best friend of Lucy Dracula Jonathan is the first character mentioned in the novel. He is a business men, a lawyer. Jonathan is an interesting character who goes to Transylvania in order to meet count Dracula. He is described in the novel as a very energetic, young and clever character. Jonathan Harker Lucy is blonde and so beautiful, she is the Arthur's wife although several characters from the novel love her and want to marry her. Besides, she is the first victim of Dracula and dies because of her weakness. Lucy Westenra He is Dutch and a wise person because he has a huge knowledge about medicine, philosophy, religion, laws and he is a professor too. Moreover, he helps to find the Dracula's reality. Dr. Van Helsing John Seward is a young man, the Dr. Van Helsing's learner and the Jonathan's friend, but he loves Lucy too. Although she doesn't love him, he cares about her when she is ill. He fights against count Dracula. Besides, he manages a mental hospital. Dr. Seward Arthur has different names during the development of the story, he is young and the Lucy's husband. He has the same decease as his father Lord Godalming who dies and as Arthur has the same decease he needs a blood transfusion. Arthur Holmwood This character has psychological problems and he is part of the mental hospital which manages Dr. Seward he eats alive animals as insects and he has some knowledge about Dracula. Renfield Dracula's film versions Born in Clontarf (near Dublin, Ireland) on November 8, 1847, Bram (Abraham) Stoker is recognized as one of the most prominent Gothic authors of the Victorian fin-de-siècle. An accomplished athlete, journalist, author, biographer, theatre critic and theatre manager, Stoker is best known for his Gothic masterpiece Dracula (1897). Stoker was educated at Trinity College, "where he won honours in science, mathematics, oratory, history, and composition ("Obituary"). After graduating he entered the Irish Civil Service where he served as Inspector of Petty Sessions (Byron 9). After being ill since 1906, Stoker died on a Saturday evening April 20, 1912 at 26, St. George's Square S.W. London ("Obituary"). His death, although often attributed to syphilis, was likely due to a stroke. Movie: Nosferatu
Director: F.W. Murnau
Stars: Max Schreck
Greta Schröder
Ruth Landshoff
Gustav von Wangenheim 1922 1943 Movie: Son of Dracula
Director: Robert Siodmak
Stars: Lon Chaney Jr.
Robert Paige
Louise Allbritton
Evelyn Ankers 1931 Movie: Scars of Dracula
Director: Roy Ward Baker
Stars: Christopher Lee
Dennis Waterman
Jenny Hanley
Christopher Matthews 1970 Movie: Count Dracula
Director: Jesús Franco
Stars: Christopher Lee
Herbert Lom
Klaus Kinski
Soledad Miranda 1970 Movie: Dracula
Director: Bill Eagles
Stars: David Suchet
Marc Warren
Dan Stevens
Sophia Myles 2006 There are approximately 200 film versions of the Dracula's novel, let's see some of them Dr. Seward, who was in charge of Lucy, finds necessary to look for his old friend and mentor, Dr. Abraham Van Helsing to find answers to Lucy's strange death. When they find Dracula, he takes Mina by her neck trying to kill her, but Arthur asks him to leave her and take him.
Dracula kills Arthur.
Dracula is planning to travel to England taking Jonathan's position. Mina Murray, Jonathan's girlfriend is waiting for news about Jonathan. Movie: Drácula (Spanish version)
Director: George Melford
Stars: Carlos Villarías Lupita Tovar
Barry Norton
Pablo Álvarez Rubio Opinion

We consider that this is an excellent and exciting work since it contains several mystery topics which make the reader travael from the fiction passages to real situations as there are many aspects of life that the science has not explained yet. Also, the way that the author "Bram Stoker" writes the novel is very simple, easy to understand, but at the same time full of mystery and very descriptive which allow people get interested to read more and more. For this reason, this novel has have a big success around the world specially in the field of cinema. Bibliography

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Bibliography: Scarborough, Terry. (n.d). Canada. Retrieved from: http://www.victorianweb.org/authors/stoker/bio.html By:
Luisa Duque David
Carolina Valencia Mejía Finally, helped by Dr. Van Helsing and all his knowledge about what was going on, Dracula is killed by Dr. Seward.
Biography The doctors, Arthur and Mina, start looking for Dracula since they have to avoid that he can make damage to other people.
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