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High School Transition Night

8th grade to HS Transition Parent Presentation

anna eidem

on 23 February 2015

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Transcript of High School Transition Night

GPA= Grade Point Average
Any Questions?
8th grade to High School Transition
February 23, 2015
Why are Grades Important?
Are you College Bound?
Tea Area Graduation Requirements
Thank You!
English Requirements
9th Grade:
English I Composition
English I Literature

10th Grade:
English II Composition & Literature
English II Speech or Debate

11th Grade:
English III American Literature
English III Advanced Composition

12th Grade:
British Literature & Senior Writing or
AP English or
College English
Math Requirements
**Students need 3 credits of Math to graduate which include: Algebra I, Algebra II & Geometry**

9th Grade:
Algebra or Geometry
Algebra Lab option

10th Grade:
Geometry or Algebra II
Informal Geometry option

11th Grade:
Geometry or Algebra II or Pre-Calculus

12th Grade:
Algebra II or Pre-Calculus or Calculus or College Math course
*Students are required to take 3 credits of Science to graduate*
9th Grade:
Physical Science

10th Grade:

11th Grade:
Chemistry or Physics

12th Grade
Electives: Anatomy/Physiology, Astronomy, Environmental Science or Dual Credit/College option
Social Science
Social Science Requirements
9th Grade:
Geography & World History

10th Grade:
U.S. History (or AP History as Jr.)

11th Grade:
Social Science elective (.5 credit)

12th Grade:
PE/Health Requirements
.5 credit PE course & .5 credit of Health are required to graduate
Fine Arts
Fine Arts Requirements
**Students are required to take 1 fine art credit to graduate**

Some Intro level classes that fulfill the Fine Art Credit:
Introduction to Art
Music Appreciation
Concert Choir (By Audition Only)
Women's Ensemble
Instrumental Music (Band)
Men's Ensemble
Computer Science
Computer Science Requirements
Students are required to take the following classes in order to graduate:

Computer Applications (.5 credit)
Web Design (.5 credit)
Personal Finance Requirements
Students are required to take one of the following:
Personal Finance (.5 credit)
Economics (.5 credit)
Senior Project/Capstone (Internship) Requirement
Students are required to complete 1 credit of Senior Experience or Capstone during their senior year.

The purpose of the Senior Experience is to allow the student to demonstrate the knowledge and maturity the he/she has gained during the course of their education.

This is demonstrated by a three-part process consisting of a research paper, project/product that is an extenstion of the research and an oral presentation.

Youth Internship/Capstone Option: Students will complete one half of the class as a Career Exploration class. The other half will be spent at a job site completing hands-on training.

Elective Requirements
Tea Area students are required to take an additional 7.5 credits of electives which can be earned in any department including the following:
Career & Technical Education
Computer Science
Family & Consumer Science
Physical Education
Fine Arts
Industrial Technology
Social Science
World Language
Welcome & Introductions
Mr. Knudson HS Principal

Mrs. Eidem 7-9 Counselor

Mr. Preheim Assistant Principal

Personal Learning Plan
Get Involved!
Build your resume!
Make relationships!
Build Important Life Skills!
How to win (and lose).
Time Management.
Problem Solving.
Go somewhere!
Assist others.
Find your passion.

Scholarship Opportunities can be in the most unusual places....
(Even in a hamburger bun?)
YES! (well...kinda...)

Each year, Culver’s VIP Scholarship Program rewards outstanding team members who are committed to continuing their education while working at Culver’s. Recipients are awarded between $500 to $2,000 scholarships for use at any educational institution for any area of study,
What if I fail a course?
How can I be successful?
7 Habits of Highly Effective Students
Additional course offerings
Upper level course offerings:

College courses through SILDL network or Dual Credit
CTE Academy
South Dakota Virtual High School Learning Power AP Courses
7 Habits of Highly Effective Teens: Sean Covey
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