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Mr. Ernst

No description

Nick Clough

on 29 April 2010

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Transcript of Mr. Ernst

The French Revolution Origins of the Revolution King Louis XVI (1774-1792) had ill-managed
the coffers and their was a need to fill them again.

He decided to convene the French representative body
the Estates General in 1789
Not all that mase up the Estates General were in favor
of the current procedure and arrangement for
representation The Estates of France Hierarchy of French Division

1st Estate-The Clergy, which consists of about
100,000 and they controlled about 10% of the land in France

2nd Estate-The Nobility, which consists of about 300,000 and they controlled about 25% of the land in France

3rd Estate-Everyone else, This Estate had its own hierarchical sections

Urban Merchants and Professionals, about 1.9million people
Working Class Artisans and LAborers, about 3.9 million
Farmers, about 19.2 million
Louis XVI and the Three Estates Came to the throne at age 20, average intelligence, although some history paints him to be dumb

Much of the debt that Louis XVI was trying to repay was caused by the Seven Years War...a war that was fought on two continents and the open seas

Louis originally went to the French Parliaments to have taxes approved...they refused.
the only way that Louis was going to get the taxation passed was to use the Estates General...which had not been convened since 1614.

Louis wished to tap into the wealth that was concentrated in the 1st and 2nd estates, as well as the Bourgeoise of the 3rd Estate. You can utilize this software to create
presentations that asecrtain more
fluid and dynamic characteristics
that would appeal to an audience Make a teaching method
all your own when using Prezi
Add certain style that would aid
in the teaching process
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